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Smilla Chair


The smilla chair is designed for everyday use, promoting active sitting and supporting the user’s development. It is adjustable, allowing it to grow with the user. The seat and footplate can be adjusted up or down or to the rear, making it comfortable to sit at the table with bigger siblings. The seating aid is made with loving attention to detail using wood, making it a great fit with other furniture in the home. It also has many accessories that can be used to adapt it more individually to the user’s requirements.


What Smilla can achieve:

For various body sizes:
The backrest is height- and angle-adjustable, and the armrests are height-adjustable.

For continuous and simple height adjustment:
Wooden frame with aluminium profiles incorporated

For simple handling:
Rapid angle adjustment with a drawstring

For active sitting in the home:

The seat and foot plate are height, depth, and angle adjustable.

For added security:
The headrest provides support for the head control

To increase mobility:
Provide support for the foot with plastic sliders

To satisfy every palate:
Removable pad cover, constructed from a breathable fabric

For the child’s individual requirements:
With nice accessories like a headrest, thigh guide, and side padding.


Data Size 0
Size 0 Size 1
Size 1 Size 2
Seat width 17 – 28 cm 17 – 28 cm 20 – 35 cm 20 – 35 cm 30 – 40 cm
Seat depth 16 – 26 cm 16 – 26 cm 25 – 35 cm 25 – 35 cm 30 – 40 cm
Max. seat height 45 cm 65 cm 45 cm 65 cm 65 cm
Back height 25 cm 25 cm 29 cm 29 cm 34 cm
Back angle (-) 3° – 17.5°
Seat angle (-)5°, 0°, 7.5°, 15°
Foot angle (-)5°, 0°, 7.5°, 15°
Foot support height min. 13 cm*** / 18 cm**** / 21 cm*****
Foot support height min. (with fast angle adjustment) 8 cm*** / 13 cm**** / 16 cm*****
max. load 30 kg 30 kg 45 kg 45 kg 60 kg
Weight 9.2 kg 9.7 kg 9.6 kg 10.2 kg 12 kg

Adjustable lower leg length max. = selected/required seat height – foot support height min.

*** Standard, **** With 50 mm double castor, ***** With 75 mm double castor

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