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PozInForm Positioning System

Poz' In' Form® cushions are specifically created to provide a range of support and comfort functions for individuals who are bedridden for extended periods. These cushions effectively prevent the occurrence of creep effects commonly experienced with traditional positioning methods, as well as minimise the premature deterioration of support. With a diverse selection of shapes, sizes, and models, Poz' In' Form® cushions offer a wide array of positioning options to cater to individual needs.


Poz’ In’ FormKit Includes:

  • Transport bag
  • Universal Cushion 55 cm x 40 cm
  • Half moon cushion
  • Semi-lateral decubitus cushion
  • Cylindrical cushion
  • Ring cushion
  • Heel cushion with strap
  • Occiput head cushion
  • Pharmatex covers or Lenzing covers

Additional information

Poz’ In’ FormDelta Measurements

Length 56 cm
Depth 32 cm
Height 28 cm

Poz’ In’ Form Universal

7009-1251-269 Length: 35 cm Depth: 25 cm
7009-1252-269 Length: 55 cm Depth: 40 cm
7009-1253-269 Length: 40 cm Depth: 15 cm

Lenzing FR®
7009-1251-279 Length: 35 cm Depth: 25 cm
7009-1252-279 Length: 55 cm Depth: 40 cm
7009-1253-279 Length: 40 cm Depth: 15 cm

Poz’ In’ Form Cylindrical Mesurements

Length 75 cm
Diameter 18 cm

Poz’ In’ Form Abduction Measurements

Length 35 cm
Small Width 10 cm
Large Width 30 cm
Height 15 cm

Poz’ In’ Form Half-Moon Measurements

Length 200 cm
Width 30 cm

Poz’ In’ FormSemi-Lateral Decubitus Measurements

Length 185 cm
Width 35 cm

Poz’ In’ Form Ring & Half Ring Measurements

Half Ring 105 cm
Ring 135 cm

Half Ring 22 cm
Ring 20 cm

Poz’ In’ Form Occiput Measurements

Length 50 cm
Width 40 cm
Height 9 cm

Poz’ In’ Form Heel Cushion Measurements

Length 85 cm
Diameter 25 cm

Poz’ In’ Form Heel Wedge Measurements

Length 48 cm
Width 30 cm
Height 12 cm

Poz’ In’ Form Hand Cushion Measurements

Length 45 cm
Width 23 cm
Height 8.5 cm

PozInForm Positioning System Brochure

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