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Simple Stuff Works Postural Care System

Simple Stuff Works has designed a variety of products to assist in the therapeutic support of people in lying positions. The therapeutic benefits of 'Simple Stuff Works' can be enjoyed by infants, children, and adults. Soft Fibre Wedges; Padded Lateral Supports; Supine Stabiliser; Leg & Foot Supports; and a variety of specialised pillows are included in the range. Stabilising Mesh can be used on all bed sizes, making it one of the positioning system's most adaptable bases.


The ‘Simple Stuff Works’ product line comprises materials that keep moisture away from the skin and allow air to circulate so that a dry, comfortable environment can be maintained during rest. The materials used contribute to the maintenance of an individual’s unique temperature regulatory system, an essential safety feature for those who struggle to regulate their own temperature.

STABILISING MESH: Non-slip mesh that can be utilised as a single layer of fitted mesh with a flat top piece, or as two flat pieces if the individual is sharing a bed. This base layer’s adaptability makes it one of the most dynamic components of our system.

WEDGES: Soft fibre wedges are breathable and assist in wicking moisture away from the skin, allowing the individual to remain comfortable and reducing the risk of tissue damage. The wedges are tapered at one end, allowing them to be used in a variety of positions, and they are available in six sizes.

LATERAL SUPPORTS: Provide soft support that can be used similarly to standard wedges, but are placed directly on the pressure mattress. The mesh is integrated into the wedge, allowing it to adhere to the mattress and be placed directly beneath the sheet.
SUPINE STABILISER: It is available in five sizes, from infant to adult, and three colours: cream, blue, and pink. It is completely washable and user-friendly, making it one of the most popular options for support.

SIDE-LYING LEG SUPPORT: Designed to protect the hips and pelvis of a side-lying individual. The leg channel provides an ideal place for the upper leg to rest, while the lower leg wraps gently around the exterior.
FOOT SUPPORTS: Maintain the feet in a neutral position for extended periods of time, preventing them from falling forward or rotating. Foot Supports are offered in three sizes.

NECK SUPPORT PILLOW: a beautiful option for supporting the neck. Made from soft fibre and covered in a soft, yet resilient polyester-blend material.

SAUSAGE AND HORSESHOE PILLOWS: The same high-quality materials as the Neck Support Pillow, but with more positioning options due to the shape.




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