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Invacare ISA Stand Assist Aid XPlus

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  • Standup Sling

    The Invacare Standup Slings are designed to lift the patient comfortably from a seated position into an upright position. The high-cut, padded Stand Up Sling supports the patient from waist to shoulder while allowing the arms to move freely so that the hands can reach naturally to grip the support rails as the patient rises.


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Our new versatile Invacare Stand Assist lifter has been designed to suit a range of users who require assistance during a transfer but can weight bear. The new Invacare Stand Assist lifter provides safety, comfort, and a more pleasant experience for clients. ISA is the product for those independent individuals who need some assistance


ISA has a reduced, curved overall base dimension and reduced product weight. In many cases, the caregiver may be a family member, and therefore the ease of use is imperative. Dismantling this product can be done without any tools, and thus transportation can be achieved fluidly. ISA features many options and accessories to adapt the lifter ergonomics to the user’s body shape and dimensions.

Design improvements for clients Ergonomic

  • Hand grips: unique design to fit the natural shape of the hand and position of the wrist
  • Extendable lifting arm: the TelescoLift can be adjusted to nine different length positions for different client’s heights, offering maximum flexibility
  • Lower leg support: lower leg cushion provides six height positions with a swivel ergo support option for optimum comfort

Design improvements for carers

  • Push bar: shape and dimension based on the average elbow height and shoulder width of typical carer, to ensure smoothness and ease when manoeuvring.
  • Foot pedal: non slippery and large surface for enhanced user comfort.
  • ISA XPLUS: electric leg operation


Additional Features

  • Foot plate: three heights available with removable heel block and round shape for toilet approach. Intermediate footplate supplied with lifter.
  • Push bar and foot pedal: ergonomic shape for easy lifter operation.
  • Sling hooks: flexible and secured hooks for a quick, straightforward sling attachment
  • Leg band: padded for extra comfort. Easy to exchange and washable.
  • Curved legs: ergonomic shape for easy manoeuvring around chairs and toilet bases.
  • Lockable rear casters: added security and safety for the patient and user.
  • Removable battery: have a second battery charging to reduce lifter downtime.

Additional information



Base Length

1280 mm

Base Width

640 mm

Inside Width (Legs Closed)

480 mm

Inside Width (Legs Open)

1020 mm

Turning Diameter

1430 mm

Product Total Weight

52 kg

Max Height (With Lifting Arm Shortened)

1650 mm

Max Height (With Lifting Arm Extended):

1800 mm

Ground Clearance

35 mm

Lifting Range

505 mm-675 mm

Underbed Clearance (Height of Legs):

120 mm

Lifting Speed

46 mm/s

Maximum Weight Capacity

200 kg

Standup Sling



Invacare ISA Stand Assist Aid XPlus Brochure

Invacare ISA Stand Assist Aid XPlus Owner’s Manual

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