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BINGO Spex Stroller


The BINGO Spex Stroller is a breakthrough in rehabilitative stroller seating for paediatrics. It is designed to accommodate the most challenging requirements for children who require specialised positioning and support. The adjustable seating and stroller systems work together seamlessly to provide maximum benefits for children with complex needs. The BINGO Spex Stroller is the perfect solution for families who prefer a stroller over a wheelchair for their child’s needs.


Introducing the BINGO Spex Stroller, a revolutionary seating solution for rehabilitation strollers. Developed by the designers of the ground-breaking Spex seating system, this innovative masterpiece brings the clinical seating technology of wheelchairs to strollers. This special edition of Spex seating was created specifically to provide more comfort and superior positioning for young children with complex needs, while still allowing the freedom of a stroller rather than a wheelchair.


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