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Dementia is a term used in general for a disease or condition identified by a lessening of memory, language, solving a problem and other abilities to think and perform daily chores.

There are many types of dementia, generally, due to distinct illnesses connected to the brain and it is usually common after 65 and above. Yet, it can also strike anyone at any age and cannot be considered as a normal ageing process. Although dementia is not usually genetic, in some cases the cause of the disease may be connected.

A doctor or counsellor at any Dementia centre is the best judge to help your concerns about the risks of genetic dementia. Alzheimer’s disease, Huntington’s disease, vascular dementia, and alcohol-related dementia are some of the most common types of dementia.

Mobility Solutions That Help Patients With Dementia And Alzheimer's Disease 2

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Dementia Symptoms

· Memory loss.
· Confused.
· Personality change.
· Self withdrawal.
· Slowing down in performing daily chores.

However, it is always best to get a doctor’s diagnosis as these symptoms could also be related to a deficiency or other illness. An early diagnose is the best way to get speedy treatment.

Presently, most types of dementia do not have any prevention process or cure, but medications could reduce the severity of the symptoms. The best news is the availability of a wide range of aids to assist with the daily chores and be independent as long as possible. The support of immediate family members, close friends and caregivers are priceless, resulting in managing the disease with a better quality of life.

Independent Living Specialists adds value to these patients’ life with their wide range of mobility solutions available in all their stores Australia wide.

Walking aids, wheelchairs, bathroom aids, and daily living aids are some of the equipment that has been carefully selected from well-known brands for the benefit of dementia/Alzheimer patients.

Walking Aids

A walker frame or seat walker is the best option for those who need assistance to walk. At the initial stages of dementia, this is the ideal device to walk short distances.

Mobility Solutions That Help Patients With Dementia And Alzheimer's Disease 3

This equipment becomes a necessity when the patient loses the ability to walk or move. ILS has the best wheelchairs to suit any body type and budget.

Bathroom & Toilet Aids

Most dementia patients need assistance in the bathroom. ILS has various devices to suit the required purposes. Bathroom and toilet aids are the most important equipment aids that help caregivers.

Overhead Toilet Aid

This is an aluminium product that assists when transferring on and off the toilet. The frame has a lifetime warranty against rust and the plastic seat and lid clip off to expedite easy cleaning. The anti-slip rubber tips guarantee strength and stability on wet surfaces.

Daily Living Aids

There are many devices in this category for the assistance of a dementia patient’s caregiver. These items make the chores of caregiver safe and easy.

Turner Drive Able Assist

This equipment provides a safe solution for a caregiver when they need to transfer a patient from one place to another

Bibs Clothing Protector

This is very handy when feeding the patient. Designed with breathable waterproof polyurethane backing, two-way stretch fabric and piped rounded edges. It is economical as it could be washed over 100 times by hand or machine

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