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One of the main requirements of mobility solutions is offering those with difficulty being mobile to get to where they need to go, whether it is a significant distance, over difficult terrain or even to climb hills. Mobility scooters are extremely popular for these requirements. Large scooters are not only sturdy but also robust enough to withstand considerable distances, and able to take on rugged terrain whilst also being great hill climbers. However, various features should be considered when trying to purchase a mobility scooter to satisfy these requirements. Independent Living Specialists has a variety of mobility scooters from various brands such as Pride Mobility, Shoprider and Sunrise Medical available for purchase and/or as rentals for your mobility requirements.

The objective of owning a mobility scooter is to be able to regain your independence. You should be able to carry out activities such as going grocery shopping on your own, or simply doing things that may be too difficult to do with the help of a wheelchair or walker. One such thing may be to take on inclined areas, but with the enough power in your mobility scooter, you can do so easily. The same goes for being able to go a large distance between charges. Based on performance and ability to withstand a certain weight, your large mobility scooter should not disappoint you and your need to be mobile. When picking out your mobility scooter it is important to check whether the following features are to your specification.

When you look at your mobility scooter specifications, there are two weight related items. One being the weight of the mobility scooter, often either with or without batteries. The other being the maximum weight capacity which can also be specified as SWL – Safe working limit. The weight of the entire scooter is important in terms of transportability, whereas the SWL tells you how much the maximum weight of the user should be to ensure that the scooter can work safely. While the maximum safe working limit is usually meant when using the scooter on smooth and levelled terrain, the weight should be considerably less than the max SWL for obvious reasons being gravity and also the ability of the motor to handle the laws of physics. That is, when taking an incline, the motor will have to bear not just the weight of the user but also be able to push the motor up a certain incline. With some mobility scooter specifications, the incline level may be denoted in the form of maximum obstacle climbing ability, such as with the Pride Pathrider 140XL.

Pride Pathrider Max SWL Incline Product Specification Bariatric Mobility Scooters

Other factors would be to look at the maximum range which the mobility scooter can run between charges and what it’s top speed is. Based on these, you can see for yourself how powerful your large scooter is. For example, the Pride Pathrider 140XL is able to go up to 15km/h and can go up to 35km per charge on 75 AH batteries.

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