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How Wheelchairs Help Individuals

A wheelchair is an equipment that is used by people who are unable to walk due to an injury or illness. It comes in useful if a person has had a spinal cord injury or a stroke and the weakness or paralysis necessitates using the wheelchair to transport within the home or outside.

A suitable wheelchair helps the user to move about independently allowing to carry out their day to day physical activity, pushing around and conducting the normal activities by increasing overall physical activity levels and mobility. It also assists to perform the intended chores within the home more safely.

Types of Wheelchairs

There are various types of wheelchairs to suit the individual’s injury or handicap, ranging from lightweight to heavy-duty and foldable. Electric wheelchairs are propelled with a motor. It is controlled with a joystick or a device to steer, start, and stop operation. These are the heavy-duty wheelchairs. Manual wheelchairs are pushed with your arms.

To make it easier for the user or caregiver, the wheelchairs are designed with either self-propelled or transit operation and manufactured with durable aluminum frames.

Generally, a wheelchair features a seat with four wheels for transportation. The rear wheels are bigger with rims to push the chair forward, backward, or turn.

How to Unfold / Fold Wheelchairs

All wheelchairs are not the same, but your wheelchair may be different, therefore, if it is difficult to fold or unfold your wheelchair, consulting your doctor or physical therapist for assistance is recommended. Usually, first-time users may find this task a bit difficult until they get used to mastering it.


Firstly, ensure the wheelchair is on solid even ground to unfold the device. Stand opposite the wheelchair, hold the left and seat rail, and slowly push it down as the wheelchair will unfold with this action. Continue to push downwards until the wheelchair is fully unfolded. Thereafter lock the brakes to enable someone to sit in the wheelchair.

Take the precaution of not getting your fingers pinched as the seat gets ready to be fully opened.


Always make sure the wheelchair’s brakes are locked. Stand on one side of the wheelchair and hold the seat with one hand at the back and the other hand at the front. Thereafter lift the seat to enable it to fold in half and the wheels should close together.

How ILS Can Help You Make the Right Choice

Independent Living Specialists has solutions for any injury, medical condition, or recovery from an illness. They have the correct wheelchair suitable for any predicament that arises.

If you are undecided between a wheelchair and a mobility scooter, our previous blog can help you narrow down a choice. You can read it here. 

Their knowledgeable and well-trained staff are quite capable of recommending a suitable wheelchair according to the customer’s assessment. ILS customer care is strengthened further, with their dedicated wheelchair seating specialists, physiotherapists, and occupational therapists present in their stores throughout Australia. These individuals are hands-on to help the customer to choose the correct wheelchair. They understand the customer’s special needs with a medical condition or disability and are committed to giving the best advice.

Ausmedic, Drive Medical, Invacare, Days Healthcare, and Max Mobility are some of the branded wheelchairs supplied by Independent Living Specialists. You can browse through the best wheelchairs here.

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