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Have you ever had to contort your body into incredibly awkward positions to reach the lever of your electric recliner chair? With many traditional recliner chairs, you must first get very uncomfortable before you are able to get comfortable in your chair. Luckily those days are long gone. The best electric recliner chairs today make the experience of sitting in a recliner exactly what you would hope for – a way to relax and feel comfortable.

How Can Independent Living Specialists Help?

Independent Living Specialists (ILS) has partnered with local and international brands to provide our clients with a comprehensive range of products to service their needs. As Australia’s largest provider of mobility scooters and lift chairs, ILS carries a full range of electric recliner chairs that provide clients with the mobility and independence they deserve.

So What Exactly Is an Electric Recliner Chair?

It is easy to get confused about what exactly an electric recliner chair is. There are many different names associated with this type of chair, including lift chairs, electric lift, and aged care lift chairs.

All these terms are used to describe a chair powered by a low-voltage motor that adjusts its position to suit your needs best. In other words, you can position your chair from reclining to fully risen depending on your preferences and needs at that moment.

What Are the Uses of an Electric Recliner Chair?

An electric reclining chair accommodates anyone who experiences limited mobility. These chairs are helpful for users who face challenges in sitting down or standing back up.

Specifically, an electric recliner chair lifts and tilts to help users in and out of a seated position. These gentle chair movements remove any strain on your knees and hips. These chairs also feature a recliner position for total relaxation or a comfortable sleep. Moreover, an electric recliner chair can help people recover from accidents, operations, or illnesses by helping reduce the strains on the body. Finally, these chairs can too empower users to help themselves and remain independent.

Electric reclining chairs offer amazing comfort and superior versatility in meeting the personalised needs of users and are extremely user-friendly for people of all ages.

Important Factors for Choosing an Electric Recliner Chair

Independent Living Specialists offer a wide range of electric recliner chairs, including both luxury chairs and more affordable options. Purchasing a chair is an investment and it is essential to make sure you are choosing the right one for you. There are a number of important factors to consider when selecting an electric recliner chair.


Yes, it is true – most electric reclining chairs are relatively large. But some of these chairs are larger than others.

Some electric reclining chairs are specially designed for shorter and slender individuals, such as the Pride C1 Lift Chair Petite. Other lift chairs cater to larger users. It is challenging to feel comfortable in a chair that is not big enough for you. So it is crucial to carefully research the size of your electric reclining chair before making any purchase decision.

ILS knows the importance of getting the right size chair to meet your needs. So let us know how we can help.


Considering the amount of time many people spend in their favourite chair, comfort is one quality you must prioritise. Each person is different – so while many people may claim a chair to be the most comfortable in the world, you may not feel the same way. It is only your opinion of comfort which matters when it comes to your electric recliner chair.

If you have any questions about the comfort of any electric lift chair, talk to an ILS expert.


In choosing the perfect weight for your electric reclining chair, you will face an important trade-off. You will want your chair to be heavy enough that it is durable to meet the wear and tear of regular use. So it needs to handle your demands and not break in the process.

At the same time, you do not want a chair that is too heavy to move when you need to reposition it. While it is unlikely that you will be moving your electric reclining chair very frequently, the chair needs to be portable enough to be moved when required.

Most lift recliners carried by ILS feature these two requirements, being both sturdy and mobile.


An unfortunate aspect of buying any new piece of furniture is the required assembly when you get it home. The degree of difficulty involved with specific electric recliner chairs varies. So be sure to consider the required assembly when you decide between available models of chairs.

Contact ILS for details as to the assembly required for any of our chairs.


Electric recliner chairs come in a variety of materials. And these materials feature different characteristics relating to comfort, feel, and durability. Some common materials include leather, polyester, nylon, cotton, and wool. Choose a chair made of the best material for your needs.

ILS carries electric recliner chairs made of various materials for your convenience. Whatever your needs, we have you and your chair covered.

Best Electric Recliner Chair on the Market

Independent Living Specialists are proud to bring you some of the best electric recliner chairs on the market, designed to help you experience exceptional comfort at home. Here are some of our favourite electric recliner chairs, listed in no particular order.

Royale Mayfair Luxury Electric Lift Chair

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The Royale Mayfair Luxury Electric Lift Chair features the highest quality leathers available on the market today. It sports the same leather featured in luxury fashion and car markets. So you’re guaranteed a comfortable and quality product.

These leather reclining lift chairs come in three finishes of charcoal black, espresso brown, and taupe beige. The options guarantee that this fantastic chair matches any home and living room décor. You can choose between its Spacesaver model or opt for a twin motor model.

Its Spacesaver motor allows the positioning of the chair up to 10 cm from the back wall, which is perfect for rooms with space limitations. This chair also sports 3 Section Waterfall Backrest Design, which provides exceptional comfort and support for the upper, middle, and lower back. Quality foams and no-sag springs provide further postural support.

This leather powered chair features a backup power supply to ensure that the motorised features work when you need them. And its high-quality actuators and mechanisms result in a quiet motor for smooth and discreet operation.

This electric lift chair comes with a two-year manufacturer’s warranty on the frame integrity, workmanship, and electronics.

Pride LC-101 Electric Recliner Lift Chair

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The Pride LC-101 Electric Lift Chair offers exceptional value. This chair enables users to sit from a standing position, and stand from a sitting position, without any effort required. And it features an extremely easy-to-use remote control, which uses a simple up and down rocker style switch. This function is ideal for users with memory issues, as is the convenient side pocket for easy storage.

The frame and lifting mechanism are incredibly durable, and can effectively assist users up to 147 kilograms.

This model is a single motor chair, which means that the back cushion and footrest move together. Its motor is incredibly quiet and provides smooth motor action.

The Pride LC-101 Electric Recliner Lift Chair comes in five distinct colour options so it is guaranteed to look great in any room.

Pride 805 Electric Wall Hugger Recliner Lift Chair

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The Pride 805 Electric Wall Hugger Recliner Lift Chair is an affordable option for individuals looking for a lift chair without taking up much living space. This lift chair can be placed a mere four inches from the wall.

The Pride 805 Electric Wall Hugger Recliner Lift Chair features a single motor that is very quiet and provides smooth operation. It features a three-position lift chair system.

This chair sports a stylish steel and timber frame design. And the seat contains high-density foam padding with a contoured backrest. The armrests are full length as well as fully padded and upholstered.

The Pride 805 Electric Wall Hugger Recliner Lift Chair has an integrated emergency back-up power system that ensures smooth operation even during a power outage. And this chair features a 10-year warranty on its frame construction and a 2-year warranty for the motor.

Drive Medical Portland Riser Recliner Lift Chair

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This electric recliner chair provides incredible comfort and excellent value. This chair features an exclusive memory foam seat to ensure users a satisfying experience. The Portland Riser Recliner Lift Chair contains luxurious Sofia fabric and an ergonomically contoured seat and back.

Its dual-motor mechanism provides users with their preferred position very quickly. The dual motor lift chair also allows the backrest and footrest elevated independently, offering greater user control. The motor of this chair is extremely quiet and provides smooth action.

This fabric recliner features a battery back up, which is perfect for any power disruptions. Also, the Drive Medical Portland Rise Recliner Lift Chair reclines to an ideal snooze position for users who appreciate this function. This chair can accommodate up to 150 kg. and comes in mushroom or graphite colours.

The Drive Medical Portland Riser Recliner Lift chair comes with a 2-year warranty.

Topform Ashley Electric Recliner Lift Chair Maxi

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This Australian made electric recliner chair is specially designed to assist users in getting out of the chair with ease and without body strain. The lifting mechanism is powered with either a single motor or twin motor, depending on your preference.

This luxury reclining chair features a frame made from Tasmanian oak, a high-density padded seat, and three supporting horizontal cushions. Also, the Topform Ashley Electric Recliner Lift Chair Maxi features full length as well as fully padded and upholstered armrests for added comfort.

This chair can support up to 120 kg and comes in a variety of fabrics and colour options.

The Topform Ashley Electric Recliner Lift Chair Maxi comes with a two-year warranty on the frame, motor, transformer, and hand control as well as a one-year warranty on springs and components.

Configura Comfort 1 Chair

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This chair is specially designed for individuals with mild and medium postural needs. And use of the Configura Comfort 1 Chair helps avoid pressure ulcers from forming in users.

One unique feature of this chair is the higher position of the legrest when raised. This position is ideal for reducing swelling and promoting circulation in the legs.

Other important features include pressure care seating options, adjustable pillow backrests as well as lateral adjustable support for increased comfort. This chair also boasts an easy to use handset and vapour permeable seat and backrest.

This chair supports user weight up to 160 kg and comes in small, medium, or large sizes.

Indiana Rise & Recliner Lift Chair

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The Indiana Rise & Recliner Lift Chair is an excellent value electric recliner chair. Its soft chenille fabric enhances the comfort and beauty of this amazing chair.

The Indiana Rise & Recliner Lift Chair features a single motor, which results in the backrest reclining when the footrest is elevated. It operates using a basic two-button remote controller, which can be stored in the handy side pocket. This chair can accommodate up to 150 kg.

One unique feature of this chair is the sensor located at the bottom of the chair. This sensor prevents items or pets from being trapped underneath when lower the chair from a raised position.

The Indiana Rise & Recliner Lift Chair is available in mushroom, russet, and grey graphite colour options. It also features two sizes of standard and petite.

This chair comes with a two-year warranty.

Days Healthcare Serena Lift Chair – Riser Recliner 920S

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The Days Healthcare Serena Lift Chair – Riser Recliner 920S is another excellent value electronic recliner chair. This chair comes in a single motor configuration, which features a battery backup in case of a power outage.

This reclining armchair reduces the stress on your joints and knees when getting up and sitting down. This simple to use riser gently raises you to your feet and lowers you back into your chair. The gentle motorised action ensures that the strain on the body is virtually eliminated when using the chair. The Days Healthcare Serena Lift Chair – Riser Recliner 920S helps you remain independent as you enjoy the comforts of home.

This powerful lifting chair supports up to 130 kg.

How Can Independent Living Specialists Help?

Each of these electric recliner chairs offer incredible value and comfort. Whatever your needs and preferences, ILS has an electric recliner chair for you. Visit our website to shop our full extensive range of electric recliner chairs or alternatively, contact us today to speak with one of our product experts.

How to Choose an Electric Recliner Chair

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