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Weakness with the onset of old age is unavoidable and this stage can cause stress to your elderly family member. They may have to deal with further issues when shifting to another residence. Love and support is the least assistance that can be offered to them during this stressful period.

Organizing the shifting process

The whole procedure of shifting to a retirement home or another house of choice will definitely have a damaging impact on your elderly family member, therefore, lessen their burden of planning the move by yourself. It could be started by contacting the staff of the retirement home and plan ahead for your relative’s arrival or cleaning and making it livable if they have decided to shift to a new house. Ensuring the move is stress-free by contacting and arranging with the movers. In addition, determine that the people your family member is dealing with are polite and helpful.

Giving Preferences

Although most of the work related to shifting and transactions will be handled by you, the family member should be aware and make their own decision when it comes to choosing the place they wish to stay. Inquire directly where they wish to settle and if they don’t have a particular place in mind, a list of places that will suit their present interests could be created along with pictures and given to them for their scrutiny and final decision.

Regain independence and enjoy greater mobility with Australia's only full service aged-care equipment provider.

Regain independence and enjoy greater mobility with Australia’s only full service aged-care equipment provider.


Being present and close to your family member once they shift even for a little while is generally appreciated greatly by them. Being present physically is not a necessity at all times, but support can be shown through a nice long phone call, a letter or email if they are tech-savvy. If possible take some off your time to check on them and cheer them up. This is the best time to mend your bond if there are any cracks in your relationship.

Peace and Comfort

At this juncture, your family member is most likely to be going through very high stress and tension and your first priority are to help them feel at ease. It can be started by initiating to redecorate the new house to feel familiar with the surroundings such as putting up pictures and mementos according to their preference. Further, it is recommended to get them involved in this decision making. In the event they are having difficulty in their personal movement, aged care equipment such as a lift chair or mobility scooter could be provided to improve their independent living. This also provides a sense of emotional relief when they are aware that they’ll be able to get around on their own.


However, this is not the end of your task after they have settled in safely in their new place. They will have to be checked regularly and assisted wherever possible. A lot of patience is required as this is the time they need their loved ones close to them all the more.

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