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As we get older, we face greater challenges with our mobility. A wheelchair can be a valuable device for any person experiencing mobility difficulties to help them get around safely and efficiently. With this in mind, getting yourself or a loved one this assistive device is not something that should be delayed. This major purchase can drastically improve quality of life by granting them independence and functioning effectively as part of the community.

Independent Living Specialists Can Help

With the seemingly endless choice on the market today, selecting the best wheelchair for you can be a daunting task. With our high-quality products and well-informed staff, Independent Living Specialists is here to help and support you in making the right decision with your purchase. Known as Australia’s most trusted provider, ILS offers a wide selection of wheelchairs for the independence and freedom you need.

What Is a Wheelchair?

A wheelchair is a battery-powered or manual assistive device that allows a person with a disability to get around. Many people suffering from muscular dystrophy, paraplegia, stroke, arthritis, or spinal cord injuries have difficulty walking. So a wheelchair is an important aid in being able to function effectively and lead a satisfying quality of life for many people today.

Wheelchairs offer a wide range of lifestyle opportunities, including participation in social events, studying, and even sports and recreation. Not only that, but a wheelchair also assists in combatting the progression of other health issues, such as deformities and pressure sores.

Many kinds of specialised wheelchairs function effectively outdoors, indoors, or both.

In the past, wheelchairs were prominently regarded as a luxury device. Fortunately, these valuable life-transforming devices are now more common and priced affordably for users all over the globe. Now, millions of people suffering from various disabilities use wheelchairs to recover their independence and mobility.

Choosing the Right Wheelchair for You

How Can a Wheelchair Help Me?

Using a wheelchair can dramatically change a person’s life for the better. Purchasing a wheelchair is a great investment to make for a number of reasons, including:


Do you find yourself constantly needing a friend or family member to hold on to as you walk or perform everyday tasks? Or maybe you have issues with balance and are at a higher risk of falling? In either case, getting a wheelchair can help. Wheelchairs are functional and comfortable devices that can increase your activity levels without needing help from others.

Increased independent physical activity and mobility will enable you to take control of your life. With the right wheelchair, you can experience less discomfort and be able to enjoy daily life with people closest to you.

Improved health

Having your own wheelchair is life-changing. It can improve your health in various ways and many mental and physical aspects are improved by the use of a wheelchair.

A wheelchair with effective cushioning alleviates common problems and secondary conditions that may arise due to poor posture. It can even improve your overall stability, digestion, and respiration.

Self Confidence

When you choose to use a wheelchair, your self-esteem and how you view your worth has the potential to improve. This benefit is incredibly important since high self-esteem is associated with many positive health outcomes, including a lower risk of depression and better well-being.

In using your wheelchair, you can expand your social circles and participate more in social functions. A wheelchair can be viewed as an extension of your body, especially when you are with other people in your community or home.


You can access greater opportunities with friends and family, thanks to your wheelchair. In time, you could also experience greater work opportunities. This, in turn, could enable you to earn money and contribute to your household income. A wheelchair increases the likelihood of such financial opportunities arising.

It is, of course, important to recognise the significance of purchasing a high quality, durable wheelchair to reduce the risk of spending time and money on repairs and replacements in the future.

Choosing the Right Wheelchair for You

How to Choose the Right Wheelchair

Before purchasing a wheelchair, it is essential to consider your everyday needs. A wheelchair should meet the conditions surrounding you to function at its best. All of the wheelchairs available at ILS promise strong postural support based on the latest biomechanical principles. In addition, all ILS products are durable, safe and user-friendly.

When you find the right wheelchair for you, you can begin to reap the benefits of life with the assistance of a mobility aid. The right wheelchair can improve your health, increase productivity, lessen economic vulnerability, and even prevent falls and further impairments.


People purchase wheelchairs for different reasons. But in general, all users want a device that will improve comfort and independence, and more generally improve quality of life. It is crucial to choose a wheelchair that offers impeccable safety to enable you to get the most out of life with a wheelchair.

All of the wheelchairs available at ILS feature an effective centre of gravity that helps maintain balance and stability when using your wheelchair. This feature will make it easy and safe for you to perform movements, such as reaching, bending, and even getting in and out of your wheelchair. The best wheelchair for you lessens your risk of falling or tipping. Of course, it is also essential for you to know fall prevention and safety tips for both indoor and outdoor use.

Types of wheelchairs

Wheelchairs truly change lives. And with the many options available at ILS, you can find a wheelchair that perfectly suits your needs and desired level of comfort. Before you get a wheelchair from ILS, you first have to determine what type of wheelchair is best suited to accommodate your wants and needs.

Manual wheelchairs

A manual wheelchair can either be self or companion propelled. These wheelchairs are an ideal choice for those who can grab the rim of the wheel and move effectively, or have a person push the handles of the chair so they can move.

Manual wheelchairs are the best option for people looking for an affordable device and want something to easily transport and store. This standard wheelchair is designed for hospital and home use. It usually has parts that can be removed or changed depending on your needs.

Power wheelchairs

An electric-powered wheelchair uses a battery or an electric motor for propulsion. Motorised wheelchairs are a fitting choice for those who cannot operate a manual wheelchair. It is also better suited for people who like to travel long distances and often travel on more challenging terrains, such as dirt and sand. These surfaces pose certain challenges for a manual wheelchair. Motorised wheelchairs are also an excellent option for people suffering from fatigue-based conditions and cardiovascular ailments.

Typically, these wheelchairs have a battery that users can charge at night so it can be ready to use during the day.

The Top Wheelchairs at Independent Living Specialists

At ILS, we have a wide selection of quality wheelchairs to meet your needs and preferences.

We’ve compiled the list below of the top manual and battery-powered wheelchairs provided at ILS. For your convenience, we have compared these products across the essential features you should consider in choosing the right wheelchair for you.

Choosing the Right Wheelchair for You

Drive Medical Ultra Lightweight Portable Wheelchair

The Drive Medical Ultra Lightweight Portable Wheelchair is our most popular wheelchair. With its ultra-lightweight and foldable structure, the Drive Medical is the ideal on-the-go wheelchair, suitable for use both indoors and outdoors making it perfect for shopping trips, days outs and travelling. In comparison to other folded devices, this wheelchair folds to 1/3 of the size. Comfort remains a key quality of the Drive Medical, with flip-up padded desk arms providing extra support and facilitating simple side transfers.

For further convenience, this wheelchair also comes with a lightweight compact carry bag complete with wheels to ensure easy transportation. With its fit for travel features and a carry bag included for an affordable sale price, it’s no surprise that this wheelchair ranks as a top-seller.

Sunrise Medical Breezy BasiX Transit Wheelchair

Sometimes, all you need is a basic wheelchair that can help you move from one place to another. The Sunrise Medical Breezy BasiX Transit Wheelchair stands out because of its straightforward and functional design, featuring memory foam to give you extra comfort.

This lightweight wheelchair is an ideal option for people who want better adjustability and rigidity at an affordable price. Its clean and modern design gives it a distinct appearance. Coupled with practical seat depth adjustment to make you more comfortable, this wheelchair is simple and easy to use, guaranteeing a positive experience. This wheelchair is an excellent value choice for any user.

Jazzy 623 Power Wheelchair

If manual wheelchairs aren’t appropriate for you, the Jazzy 623 Power Wheelchair is an option to add to your wish list. This exceptional wheelchair is specifically engineered to meet the needs of the most active individuals. It gives incredible comfort and performance thanks to its high back seat and dynamic controller.

This wheelchair has six wheels that stay on the ground to ensure increased stability. It also features low-impact Omni-casters on the front and back so you won’t experience any wheel issues. This model features ATX suspension and a rear castor beam.

Choosing the Right Wheelchair for You

Drive Medical Titan Power Chair

The Drive Medical Titan Power Chair has a unique front-wheel system that ensures maximum stability for users by placing the drive wheel in front of the user’s centre of gravity. As a result, this powered wheelchair is ideal for navigating over small obstacles.

As well as stylish design, this power chair offers an enjoyable, user-friendly ride with detachable padded and adjustable armrests, swivel seat facilities and height adjustability, just to name a few. Safety is also a key feature of the Drive Medical Titan Power Chair, with a de-clutch operation function to allow the option for freewheeling with minimal chance of hazard.

Permobil F5 Corpus Power Wheelchair

Another top-performing power wheelchair, the Permobil F5 Corpus Power Wheelchair is equipped with a myriad of features and advanced technology to give you the best possible experience. Its chair stability provides a smooth ride and with its brilliant centre of gravity and durable chassis, it’s one of the best options on the market.

This model also comes with independent oil-dampened suspension and a lower seat-to-floor height ratio to give it better stability, speed, and performance. If that’s not enough to convince you, maybe its modern chrome accents and treat patterns will.

Quickie Q100 Power Chair

The Quickie Q100 Power Chair is the ultimate ultra-compact indoor/outdoor powerchair. Developed using SMART base technology, this innovative wheelchair is designed to provide the optimum user-experience from navigating in tight spaces to guaranteeing stability over uneven terrains and hills.

Created with the user in mind, the Q100 R’s seating has a variety of settings as well as a 5-strap tension adjustable strap to provide different postural support to accommodate each individual’s needs.

Choosing the Right Wheelchair for You

TiLite Twist Wheelchair

A modern manual wheelchair, this model not only gives you improved independence and mobility but also freedom of movement. The TiLite Twist Wheelchair is the best product for people with a small build or accompanied by children. Thanks to its growable feature, you can adjust its seat width and depth.

It also offers impressive adjustability through its infinite adjustment mechanism. This feature allows parents and users to fine-tune the wheelchair and not be limited by standard pre-set holes. This wheelchair also comes with a push handle option, perfect for days when all you want to do is sit in a comfortable chair.

Travel Lite Electric Folding Power Chair – Phosphate Lithium Battery

New and exclusive to ILS, the Travel Lite Electric Folding Power Chair hosts a high-efficiency hub motor and joystick controller with 50% battery saving power. The eco-friendly battery is specifically created for 1000 charging cycles and is developed from pollution free materials.

Weighing only 15kg, the Travel Lite Folding Power Chair is an excellent lightweight mobility solution that facilitates easy manoeuvring in tight spaces. This wheelchair also promises durability with a weight load capability of 150kg and an extended travel mileage.

Performance of this chair can be further enhanced by use alongside a selection of compatible accessories available at ILS.

M1 Corpus Power Wheelchair

An ideal choice for people looking for a power wheelchair, the M1 Corpus Power Wheelchair is designed with comfort and stability in mind. It has an open and sleek design with a thick and rigid tubular backrest frame. This feature can accommodate any seating position, whether it’s a simple curved back or custom-moulded seating.

While some other power chairs do not seem rigid enough to be used on rough surfaces, this model provides incredible durability. This wheelchair can withstand user demands who have an active lifestyle thanks to its unique suspension design and stable chassis. For better terrain performance, this wheelchair features FlexLink technology, which helps dampen vibration.

To add to its safety features, its flip back armrests come with two points of contact. It also has a centre mount, and swing-away leg rests for ease of use.

Choosing the Right Wheelchair for You

QRi Scripted Manual Wheelchair

A basic manual wheelchair that is affordable and accessible for everyone, the QRi Scripted Manual Wheelchair is a user-favourite because of its lightweight. This characteristic makes it the perfect wheelchair to carry around on quick trips.

This model is one of the best wheelchairs for individuals who are on the go. Although it does not weigh much, it is still strong enough to carry 120 kilograms. It has an open frame and fluid caster housing design to give it a more stylish look. This wheelchair also has an ample range of adjustability options to meet your needs.

Drive Medical S1 Steel Wheelchair

At an affordable price, the S1 Steel Wheelchair offers durability, stability and support. With its strong steel frame, this wheelchair is ideal for long journeys and can be folded easily for simple transportation and storage. The wheelchair also has easily adjustable plastic footrests to suit users of different heights and which can also be removed with minimal effort.

Additional key features of the S1 Steel Wheelchair include its vinyl upholstery and padded armrests which enable users to experience a comfortable ride and simple cleaning maintenance.

Wheelchair Accessories You Need

Aside from the wheelchair itself, it’s possible that you will also need important accessories. These items will enhance your wheelchair experience.

Choosing the Right Wheelchair for You

Universal Wheelchair Tray

Made with lightweight plastic, this universal wheelchair tray is designed with a raised lip edge to prevent food and other items from falling. It also contains a moulded cup holder so you can easily place glasses, cups, or tumblers securely.

Most importantly, this wheelchair tray is very easy to use. Simply add the Velcro straps to the armrest of your wheelchair, and you’re all set.

Portable Wheelchair Ramp – Senior

Sometimes there are still places you need to go without ramps to accommodate the use of wheelchairs. The Portable Wheelchair Ramp – Senior is foldable, so it is practical to carry around wherever you go. It is also very lightweight and easy to use. It also comes with the flexibility of ramps so you can cope with obstacles.

You Can’t Go Wrong with a Wheelchair from ILS

Whether because of physical limitations or an accident, many people find themselves needing a wheelchair. This tool is one of the most widely used pieces of medical equipment all over the world. It provides crucial services for people with impaired mobility.

It is essential to select the best wheelchair to serve your needs. After all, it’s going to be a vital mode of transportation.

Whatever your wheelchair preferences are, don’t hesitate to contact us at ILS. Our experts are dedicated to providing you with customised solutions to meet your needs.

How to Choose the Right Wheelchair for You 2

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