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A person who is confined to a chair or bed due to an ailment will have to consider pressure care as a part of a treatment plan with importance given to prevent injuries from being in one position for a long time.

Areas where the bones are prominent or where it is closer to the area that is under some pressure are at more risk of developing ulcers. In addition to this the folds of the skin or parts where skin to skin contacts, could also form an injury resulting in an ulcer.

Independent Living Specialists provides a wide array of pressure care equipment specially manufactured to meet the demands of different needs and personal options. All the products have been sourced from well-known brands manufactured with user’s comfort and safety in mind.


Shear comfort medical sheepskin overlay, Heelift smooth suspension boot, Memory foam deluxe I-care seat high profile cushion, Obus forme back support, Equagel protector cushion and convoluted ring incontinence proof cover are some of the most popular pressure care products available in all stores of Independent Living Specialist Australia wide.

Shear Comfort Medical Sheepskin Overlay

This product gives the best pressure, heat and moisture bust for increased comfort and prevents pressure ulcer effectively. It also assists to prevent discomfort, health hazards and monetary difficulties that could be faced with pressure ulcers and skin tears. It is washable up to 80c temperatures for resultant infection control.


Heelift Smooth Suspension Boot

This device is capable of providing the most effective result for prevention and help in the healing of pressure ulcers at the heel along with bearing and adjusting of the lower leg. The inbuilt wedge of soft, firm medical grade foam ensures the heel does not contact any area with a good grip over the calf. Latex-free medical grade foam has been used to manufacture the boot and the size fits all and safe to wash by machine and dryer.

Heel Lift Smooth Suspension Boot

Memory Foam Deluxe I-Care Seat High Profile Cushion

This cushion is designed to provide relief from pressure and give support to relieve pain from the lumbar region soreness, lower backache and hemorrhoids.


Obus Forme Back Support

This product is a portable and lightweight back support system that changes any chair into a comfortable seating system. It can be used in the home, vehicle, office or any other place you intend to sit for a longer period of time.

ObusForme Back Support with Wide Back

EquaGel Protector Cushion

This is a medical grade gel seat and wheelchair cushion manufactured with a dry-polymer gel in a 2.5” deep columnar structure. It is long lasting, durable, extremely effective and very comfortable. Highly recommended for people who are at high risk of pressure sores and ideal for those who earnestly needs a pressure pain relieving cushion.

EquaGel Protector Cushion

Convulated Ring Incontinence Proof Cover

This product has been designed to reduce pain in the lower back, lumbar region and tailbone area and provides more comfort by the cushion conforming to body shape to reduce discomfort in pressure point areas.


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