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What is Physiotherapy?

Physical therapy or physiotherapy is a profession based on science and takes a person’s full attention on health and wellbeing inclusive of general lifestyle. It assists to improve motion and activity when a person is afflicted with a disability, injury or illness. It helps support development and aid recovery enabling a person to stay active and independent.

How you can benefit from physiotherapy

Benefits from physiotherapy at any time of a person’s lifetime are manifold. It helps with back pain or sudden injuries, managing a long-term medical condition such as asthma or preparing for childbirth or even any sporting event. It can also help to recover fast from an injury, reduce pain and stiffness and increase a person’s mobility.

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Physiotherapists are qualified to assess, diagnose and treat those who are injured, ill or disabled by way of educating, advice, manual therapy, motion and exercise. They also help people of all ages to maintain their health, assisting in managing pain or disease prevention. Physiotherapists are qualified in physiotherapy which is a degree based in the healthcare profession. Their knowledge and skills are used to improve various conditions connected with different parts of the body such as strokes, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s, arthritis, rehabilitation after a heart attack, COPD, asthma etc.

Using physiotherapy essentials

Physiotherapy essentials are usually focused on individualized programs as per a client’s goals and needs. A program is altered according to the changes seen as well as complete in-session and formal assessment and re-assessments.

How Independent Living Specialists can help

Independent Living Specialists has always been in the forefront when it comes to disability equipment or improving disabilities. They have over 35 devices that aid in physiotherapy in all their stores Australia wide.
Some of the popular physiotherapy devices are:

Device Details
Weighted Dumbbell This is used for joint secluded exercises such as bicep curls and shoulder raises. It can also be used as an exercise tool for the full body. It could also assist in cardiorespiratory fitness and flexibility if used correctly.
Hand Egg Therapy Exerciser It strengthens the handgrip, ability, mobility and motor skills. Available to suit different strengths in various resistances. Ideal for aiding with arthritis, or stroke injury and many other uses.
Hand Strengthener Pair This device assists to get the best of your strength and grip training. It is ideal of either hand or forearm rehabilitation or grip training. Get the most out of your strength and grip training with the ILS Hand Strengthener. This tool is perfect and safe for either hand or forearm rehabilitation or grip training for sports.


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