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At ILS we offer a range of equipment designed to make life easier for you and the thousands of Australians living with arthritis. Because we understand that arthritis can make everything from getting dressed in the morning to getting a good night’s sleep seem impossible, we make sure our products are high quality and easy to use.

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Although arthritis can be difficult to live there are many simple ways to alleviate the pain and suffering you might experience. We recommend visiting the Arthritis Australia for the latest news on Arthritis in Australia.

Aids for Arthritis

Dressing StickGroomed and Glamorous

The Dressing Stick, a medium length stick ending in two hooks, assists arthritis sufferers to dress with minimal stress on the joints from trying to reach, squeeze into or zip up garments. For the women, the Parsons Buckingham Bra Angel does the trick for clipping and unclipping tricky bra hooks.

Strongboy Bottle and Jar OpenerKitchen Assistance

We stock a variety of bottle openers, jar openers, tin openers and knob turners with no-slip rubber grip, as well as an array of easy-grip and no-spill utensils for preparing, cooking and eating food. See our full range of kitchen aids here.

Savannah Raised Toilet SeatA Little Help in the Bathroom

ILS offers a wide range of assistive devices to make life less of a struggle in the bathroom, including Shower Commodes and Stools, as well as Bath Sponges for easy reaching while washing, Over Toilet Aids to ease the hips when lowering to and rising from the toilet, and even Bottom Wipers for those awkward moments in the WC.

Free Standing Overbed PoleA Good Night’s Sleep

In the bedroom, the free stand Overbed Pole helps sufferers of arthritis to lower themselves into and rise out of bed by grasping a handle which hangs over the bed, thereby spreading the body weight and alleviating joint pain in the hips. The Rope Ladder Bed Hoist works in a similar way, assisting users to gradually and painlessly sit up in bed rather than stressing the joints with a single jolt into an upright position. If you suffer from joint pain while you are in bed, we have a range of Bed Wedges and Positioning Wedges which can help you to maintain a comfortable position through the night so you can rest easy and wake up refreshed.

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