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For most people, growing older means that there will be times when managing even simple day-to-day living activities can become challenging. For example, you may need occasional help with minor home repairs or you may require regular help with tasks such as home cleaning and maintenance or cooking. Some people may also need mobility aids and equipment, such as a mobility scooter or wheelchair to get around the home conveniently and safely, specialised gadgets for safety in the bathroom or an array of devices that make dressing and grooming easier.

Whether it is for yourself or you are caring for a family member or friend who needs help, it is important to know what types of aged care services and products are available to support you, whatever your needs.

My Aged Care Services

My Aged Care is an Australian government initiative that was introduced to provide much needed assistance to the aged population. While you can avail of any of the services free of cost if you cannot afford to pay for them, you would be expected to contribute for the services if you can.

Services you can expect from this program include:

  • Personal care such as bathing, getting dressed and grooming
  • General housework, cooking and shopping
  • Home maintenance and modification if necessary
  • Transport services for healthcare and other community appointments
  • Counselling and social support
  • Healthcare and nursing care including rehabilitation and occupational therapy

Independent Living Equipment

In addition to aged care services, there is also a wide range of equipment that is especially designed for seniors to be able to live more independently. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Mobility aids such as lift chairs, mobility scooters, wheelchairs, walking sticks, power chairs and crutches
  • Assorted devices that can help in the bedroom, kitchen, bathroom
  • Especially designed gadgets that can help with dressing, bathing, grooming and exercise

Getting old may be inevitable but that should not hamper the aged from life to the fullest. Thanks to the increased awareness of the unique healthcare needs of the aged and the easier availability of independent living products today’s older population enjoys a much higher level of independence than ever before.

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