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Once you reach the golden years of life you want to spend a happy and peaceful life. You have already fulfilled all your responsibilities to your loved ones and the society. You have worked so hard in life up to that point. Therefore, wanting to enjoy life and be at peace at that time is quite normal.

However, most of the time, when we are reaching the golden years of life, we are tired of all the work we have done. Because of all the work we have done up to that point, we can be physically weak. That means as elders we may have to get help to do our day to day work. We may also have to get some help to stay comfortable. That is where a lift chair becomes useful.

In your golden years, you will like to spend most of your time sitting and watching television or even reading. However, you may find sometimes, getting up from your chair, is rather difficult. With a recliner/ lift chair, you can get up easily, as the chair helps you to get back into a standing position. Therefore, having a lift chair can help you feel comfortable, right at home.


Making a Selection

With a renowned supplier such as Independent Living Specialists, you will be able to find a number of lift chairs. The Manor Electric Recliner Lift Chair, Pride C101 Electric Recliner Lift Chair, Pride C6 Electric Recliner Lift Chair – Twin Motors, Monarch Recliner Electric Recliner Lift Chair and Stella Electric Recliner Lift Chair are some of the top most popular lift chairs at ILS. Each of these recliners, are basically equipped to let you stay comfortable while seated and help you to get up when needed. However, each of these chairs have their own special qualities. For example, Manor Electric Recliner Lift Chair has a backrest which imitates a waterfall. It provides extra comfort for the one using the chair. Some come with additional head and lumbar support.


Purchasing a Lift Chair

Purchasing a lift chair is quite easy. You can visit any of the 9 showrooms located in Sydney Or you can simply visit the ILS website, go through the catalog, choose a lift chair and buy the lift chair online.

Hiring a Lift Chair

If you only want to have the lift chair with you for a short period you can hire the chair as well. Here again, you can first select the lift chair of your choice. Then, you can contact ILS and make arrangements to hire the chair for the period you need to have it.


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