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Helping the elderly and disabled in the past was a difficult task and people with simple mobility issues such as getting in and out of bed or having a bath needed assistance from caregivers and this was quite a hazardous task for everyone concerned.

A ceiling hoist is a device that has now been introduced to move or transfer disabled or elderly people safely to the required location. It can be used anywhere to improve convenience for both patient and caregiver. Ceiling hoist or ceiling lift is generally fitted on to a track system which allows the ceiling hoist to move. These portable hoists can also be removed and used in another track.

Independent Living Specialists has 3 renowned ceiling hoists viz; Alstair Ceiling Hoist, HelliQ ceiling hoist and Roomer S ceiling hoist, in their stores Australia wide at a special price for online customers.

Altair Ceiling Hoist

This device is a lightweight portable lift which can be used in many rooms. Its features include a special telescoping hanger bar suitable to lift any patient and results in a relaxed sitting position and an advanced technology stage capable of tracking usage and determination of data collected. It is available from 150kg to 300 kg weight capacities.

A Quick Guide To Finding Ceiling Hoists In Australia 2

HeliQ Ceiling Hoist

This product can be connected to a motorized sideways movement. It has dual speed, safe working load and capable of passing curtain gaps in rails.

A Quick Guide To Finding Ceiling Hoists In Australia 3

Roomer S Ceiling Hoist

This device is capable of storing usage and performance data. With the aid of its data and service application and a smart electronic device, it allows the usage and condition of the lift to be checked. Full information could be viewed and transferred to other media sources for further investigations.
A Ceiling track hoist is a raising system from above which could be hung from the ceiling, wall to wall or attached to the ceiling itself for an orderly or neat appearance. It is also one of the aspects of a hoist.

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Importance of a Ceiling Hoist

The most important factor of a ceiling hoist is the safety of the disabled or elderly person who is being transferred from one place to another with zero accidental injuries.

Reduction in Injuries

A major cause of injury to caregivers is the consequence of manual lifting, transferring and changing positions of patients and relocating in different locations. The frequent occurrence of occupational injuries brings about a significant cost to healthcare organizations. Installation of a ceiling hoist can significantly reduce exposure to the risk of injuries.


Getting the environment checked by an overhead hoist specialist is very important before anything is fixed. Only a specialist can recommend where the track can be mounted after carefully inspecting the ceiling, wall and floor structure. Thereafter the overhead specialist will concur with the user and maybe the caregiver and identify how many lifting pointed are required. This information is required by the specialist to determine the structure and route of the ceiling track.

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