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  • power-chair
    Power Chairs

    Pride Go Chair – New Generation – Power Chair

    $3,295.99 $2,450.99
    Save up to $845
  • Travel-Lite-Electric-Folding-Power-Chair
    Power Chairs

    Travel Lite Electric Folding Power Chair – Phosphate Lithium Battery

    $4,495.99$5,495.99 $2,999.99$4,495.99
    Save up to $1,500
  • Cobalt Power Wheelchair
    Cobalt Power Wheelchair
    Power Chairs

    Cobalt Travel Power Wheelchair

    $3,149.99 $1,999.99
    Save up to $1,150
  • Jazzy Air Power Chair
    Jazzy Air Power Chair
    Power Chairs

    Jazzy Air Power Chair

    $6,995.99 $6,125.99
    Save $870
  • titan-power-chair
    Power Chairs

    Titan Power Chair

    $2,995.99 $2,155.99
    Save $840
  • Pride Jazzy6
    Pride Jazzy6
    Power Chairs

    Pride Jazzy Select 6 Power Chair

    $3,600.99 $3,199.99
    Save $401
  • smart-drive
    Power Chairs

    Smart Drive MX2 + PushTracker New Generation

    $9,995.99 $9,109.99
    Save $886
  • The Pride power assist HD is designed for caretakers to easily push manual wheelchairs while ensuring patients safety.
    The Pride power assist HD is designed for caretakers to easily push manual wheelchairs while ensuring patients safety.
    Power Chairs

    Power Glide Assist

    $1,450.99 $1,100.99
    Save $350
  • Pride R4 Power Chair
    Pride R4 Power Chair
    Power Chairs

    R4 Pride Folding Electric Wheelchair

    $3,795.99 $3,200.99
    Save $595
  • R40 Power Chair
    R40 Power Chair
    Power Chairs

    Pride R-40 Fusion Power Chair

  • Cougar PowerLift Power Chair
    Cougar PowerLift Power Chair
    Power Chairs

    Cougar PowerLift Power Chair

    $5,890.99 $5,400.99
    Save $490
  • Shoprider Cougar 10
    Shoprider Cougar 10
    Power Chairs

    Shoprider Cougar 10 Power Chair

  • Shoprider Cougar 14
    Shoprider Cougar 14
    Power Chairs

    Shoprider Cougar 14 Power Chair

    $4,750.99 $4,400.99
    Save $350
  • Shoprider Jiffy
    Shoprider Jiffy
    Power Chairs

    Shoprider Jiffy Power Chair

  • Shoprider Puma 14HD
    Shoprider Puma 14HD
    Power Chairs

    Shoprider Puma 14HD Power Chair

    $4,966.99 $4,595.99
    Save $371
  • Shoprider UL8-W
    Shoprider UL8-W
    Power Chairs

    Shoprider Venice UL8W Power Chair

  • Shoprider Puma 10
    Shoprider Puma 10
    Power Chairs

    Shoprider Puma 10 Power Chair

    $4,400.99 $4,158.99
    Save $242
  • Viper  Power Chair
    Viper  Power Chair
    Power Chairs

    Days Healthcare Viper Power Chair


Power Chairs

Comfortable, user-friendly and agile, Power Chairs offer users of all ages from young children to seniors giving unprecedented freedom and mobility within the home and outdoors. Indoor power chairs are designed to be more compact and rounded so you can more easily manoeuvre tight corners and small spaces in the home. Outdoor power chairs are more sturdily built with extra-large, wide-tread tires and increased ground clearance so you can safely and smoothly traverse rougher outdoor surfaces.
Independent Living Specialists offers you a wide range of fully customisable power chairs from leading manufacturers such as Permobil, Shoprider, Pride and Days Healthcare. All of our power chairs offer a number of arm, leg and seating adjustments to accommodate a wide range of users. Whether you are looking for a lightweight indoor power chair or a heavyweight outdoor model, we’ve got what you are looking for.