Roho cushions are adjustable air seat cushion which usually prevents a person from pressure injuries, sores or skin rashes and ensures long-term comfort and safety. The Roho cushion includes an air pump and rubber nozzle.

There are high profile and low profile Roho cushions available in the market and these are available at all stores of Independent Living Specialists Australia wide.

Pressure Cushion –Roho Quadtro-High Profile

This Roho cushion is a high-profile pressure cushion featuring cells that are interconnected in a shape specially designed to promote blood circulation to ease pressure, recovery, and cure. Adjustable cells change according to the patient’s figure and lessen stress while transferring and repositioning. The ability to facilitate blood flow by adjusting, matching and capturing the shape of the body is an incomparable achievement. When the body is immersed in the cushion, a larger contact space is acquired for the dispersal of pressure, thereby, causing minimal pressure on one position. This cushion offers the best level of assurance never found in the past in air flotation cushions.

Pressure Cushion - Roho Quadtro - Low Profile


This cushion is beneficial for those living with progressive disabilities and requires maximum comfort. It is ideal for people who are at risk or have a history of skin breakdown issues, patients with any stage of ischemic ulcers and those who are unable to shift their weight independently.

Pressure Cushion-Roho-Low Profile

The Roho low profile pressure cushion has cells in a special shape designed to promote blood circulation to aid in the prevention of pressure build up, quick cure and healing. The adjustable cells change according to a patient’s shape and reduce stress while transferring and repositioning. Whenever the body comes in contact with the cushion, a greater contact space is acquired for the dispersal of pressure, thereby causing minimal pressure on one position. Low profile cells increase strength and make relocating easier for the patient. The air pressure is also flexible and can be personalized according to the user’s individual needs. The durable neoprene construction is soft to suit sensitive skin and easy to be cleaned.

Pressure Cushion - Roho - Low Profile

This low profile Roho cushion increases the strength of the user and protect from probable risk of skin tissue breakdown. With a 2inch cell height, it is beneficial for people who look for portability, lightweight and performance in the devices they select. This cushion could also be adjusted to fit the exact shape of the body, size or seating capacity. Manufactured with fireproof 2” profile black neoprene cells with an unlimited weight limit, it adapts to the shape of the body allowing absorption and progression to reduce skin tissue damage.


The low profile Roho pressure cushion is most beneficial to people who are moderately high risk to skin breakdown issues, those who are unable to sit for long hours due to discomfort and those living with a pediatric disability.

Roho cushions are available at a special price for online customers Australia wide with express delivery.

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Any person experiencing breathing problems should not ignore the symptom. There are times when we feel like running out of breath. This could be due to the ageing process or lack of exercise but whatever the issue, it is not something to be ignored as it could probably be a sign of a serious health issue.

Firstly, it is recommended to get your health condition assessed by a professional and determine the nature of the oxygen-delivery mode suitable for the illness.

Oxygen Delivery Modes

Three modes of oxygen-delivery available to meet most patients’ requirements are pulse mode, sleep mode and continuous flow.

Pulse Mode

This unit detects the intake of breath and provides the necessary of oxygen.

Sleep Mode

This unit is active when a patient is asleep. It switches automatically to provide continuous flow if a breath is not detected.

Continuous Flow

This unit delivers oxygen non-stop.



Some of the best portable oxygen and home concentrators are now available at all stores of Independent Living Specialists Australia wide. These portable oxygen concentrators help to be active and independent while carrying on your daily chores without any hindrance to your breathing. However, the unit should be chosen depending on your oxygen requirement, lifestyle and environment. ILS has portable home oxygen concentrators from Airsep, Innogen, Respironics and Phillips brands selected after considering their unbeatable position and persistent production of solid, high quality and reliable units.

Knowing Your Oxygen Concentrator Prior to Purchase

• Heedful of the dose of oxygen required in litres per minute(LPM)
• Being aware of whether the concentrator is required while asleep.
• Ensure whether you are a mouth breather.
• Being aware of whether pulse mode oxygen could be used when active.
• Being aware of which battery life is required to suit your lifestyle.

A person who is thorough with the above answers would be capable of purchasing the correct unit to suit his or her requirement.

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Inogen One G3 HF Oxygen concentrator, Inogen at home concentrator and Respironics simply go portable oxygen concentrator are some the fast-moving portable and at home concentrator available at Independent Living Specialists.

Inogen One G3 HF Oxygen Concentrator

This portable oxygen concentrator is the smallest and lightest concentrator in the market today. Equipped with many excellent features, this unit could be carried with one hand. The long battery life assures the fact of not having to worry about changing tanks or running out of oxygen when travelling. The unit is inclusive of 1×8 cell rechargeable lithium batteries, nasal cannula, carry bag and strap, ac power supply and mobile charger. However, a prescription for oxygen is required to use this device.

Inogen G3 with Battery

Inogen at Home Oxygen Concentrator

This new home oxygen concentrator is considered to be the quietest, lightest and the best energy-efficient continuous flow oxygen concentrator in the market today. Weighing approximately 8kg, it is half the weight of some of the currently used oxygen concentrators. Its low noise level at 40 decibels at flow setting 2 and very low power consumption makes it the most excellent choice for a home oxygen concentrator. It is also cost effective due to its very low power consumption. However, a prescription for oxygen is required to use this device.

inogen at home oxygen concentrator desc

Respironics Simply Go Portable Oxygen Concentrator

This is the only portable home oxygen concentrator that has a continuous flow and pulse-dose delivery in a single unit weighing 4.5kg. In other words, your oxygen therapy and lifestyle needs can now be managed with just one portable oxygen concentrator. However, a prescription for oxygen is mandatory.
These products are available at the lowest online prices with free express delivery.

Respironics SimplyGo 5


aged care equipment_bath lift

The Bellavita Bathtub bath lift is an aged care equipment introduced to the market in October 2018 by Independent Living Specialist and now available in all their stores Australia wide.

This mobility aid provides immense assistance to the elderly to get back their freedom and privacy in the bathroom. Manufactured in Germany, this aged care equipment weighs only 9.3 kg and considered to be the lightest bath lift in the market. It is also the lowest bath lift available. Other features include easy dismantling, installing and operating, a backrest that reclines 50 degrees, user-friendly charger, built in safety controls, 4 quick release suckers with options for an additional 2 for anti-slip bath base. It is capable of holding a maximum capacity of 140kg with a lifetime guarantee on frame and motor and 2 years guarantee on battery/handset.



A Bellavita bathtub aid is able to improve symptoms of people ailing with neuromuscular or autoimmune diseases. Those with Parkinson disease to multiple sclerosis and arthritis experiencing limited mobility or balance issues could improve blood circulation and soothe their sore muscles. Users of bath lifts have found their energy level increased as they don’t have to strain themselves physically. The use of this aged care equipment gives an opportunity to those facing medical limitations gain back a luxury that was a thing of the past which they thought would never be experienced again. It is easy to use, cost-effective, safe and secure for a person with limited mobility.


It is quite beneficial for the caregiver too. It could reduce the physical exertion of the caregiver. A caregiver could probably suffer a back strain whilst lifting the patient in and out of the bathtub and this aged care equipment saves the caregiver from such travails. Its side flaps aid in sliding the user from the edge of the bathtub into the bath seat. In addition, the hand control automates the movements of lowering and raising the user in and out of the bathtub. In other words, the Bellavita bathtub aid does the heavy lifting.

Perfect aged care equipment

This senior care equipment is not complicating to use and every feature has been specially designed keeping the elders and immobile users in mind. Its numerous safety features reduce the stress of taking a bath and also lessen the dependency on a caregiver. Improved independence from this bathing system provides manageable home care letting the user live in his or her own home without opting to live in a care facility.

This mobility aid is also helpful to those with limited mobility and balance issues in regaining independence while bathing. Many users with specific conditions who have not been able to use a bathtub for many years has disclosed that this equipment has provided them with a therapeutic retreat that helped them physically and psychologically. Further, no matter what the medical condition indicates, the Bellavita bath lift will provide an enjoyable bathing experience. The fact of getting back freedom, happiness, and normalcy with the usage of this device is much more valuable than the cost incurred.



Large mobility scooters are best suited for people on the heavy side depending on their specific needs. Independent Living Specialists has a wide range of heavy-duty renowned brands of mobility scooters on hire/rent or outright purchase in all their stores Australia wide.


All large mobility scooters have an automatic transmission and most of this range of product has a CVT which makes it easy to ride in heavy traffic areas. A comfortable ride is well assured with the very comfortable and spacious seating, permitting the rider to control the bike in narrow curves at high speed.


Invacare Comet Ultra mobility scooter, Rocky 4 Shoprider mobility scooter, Rocky 6 Shoprider mobility scooter, Shoprider Rocky 889 golf mobility scooter, and Shoprider 889D double seat mobility scooter are five large scooters available at Independent Living Specialists.

Invacare Comet Ultra Mobility Scooter

This product is a strong and sturdy product suitable for those who weigh maximum 220kg. This dynamic device is filled with many safety essentialities to drive it’s user to a destination safely, comfortably and swiftly. This scooter has been manufactured after taking necessary precautions to guarantee the stability and safety of this device.

shop the best aged care equipment by ILS

shop the best aged care equipment by ILS

Rocky 4 Shoprider Mobility Scooter

This device is a four-wheel scooter with back wheel drive and long wheelbase specially manufactured for rugged areas. It is available with an array of accessories including front and rear suspension and 330 mm pneumatic tyres. In addition, it has a swivel 360 degree and sliding seat with reclining backrest with adjustable padded armrests for more comfort. The front and rear bumper and anti-tips provide safety and the 1.2 HP electric motor with 12 volts, 50 amp deep cycle dry cell battery aids in transmission. It has a maximum weight load of 227kg.

Rocky 4 Mobility Scooter

Rocky 6 Shoprider Mobility Scooter

This scooter is packed with unmatched standards of safety, comfort, manufacturing, quality, durability, and novelty. It has a maximum user weight capacity of 225kg.

Shoprider Rocky 6 Scooter

Shoprider Rocky 889 Golf Mobility Scooter

This scooter is similar to any other scooter and could be used indoors and outdoors. Most importantly, it is capable of allowing you to navigate through your local golf course while continuing a steady and comfortable drive.

Shoprider Rocky 889 Golf Scooter

Shoprider 889D Double Seat Mobility Scooter

This new large model has been specially introduced to the Shoprider family to complement the high demand for wide mobility scooters. The Shoprider 889D has been manufactured to provide a substitute to users who need wider space. In keeping with Shoprider standards, this model comes filled with luxury essentialities including 2Ohp powerful motor, 800mm sliding wide seat with extra leg space and loop steering tiller with easily usable controls. This remarkable scooter’s dependability is improved further by the rear wheel drive and electromagnetic brake.

Shoprider 889D Double Seat Mobility scooter

These mobility scooters and other aged care equipment are now available at a special price for online customers with free delivery Australia wide.



Lifting an elderly person or an invalid manually can put a strain on both parties, eventually, it will result in either back pain or other injuries. Patient lifters come in useful when transferring patients from one place to another, making it easier and comfortable for both the patient and the caregiver. Independent Living Specialists has a wide array of slings, hoists and other lifting devices suitable for various needs of the patients. Specially sourced from well-known brands, all these products are strong and manufactured strictly for better comfort and safety.


Primarily, patient lifts were manufactured to assist caregivers but it is now being used to assist in basic rehabilitation and performing clinical procedures. In addition to providing comfort to the patient, it assures greater safety due to fall preventions and reduction in bruises and skin injuries.

Therapeutic benefits are a speedy foundation of passive weight-bearing movements and training to move. Prevention of a distortion of a muscle is also a likely benefit. Further, a patient’s analytic result and complete care of the patient can be improved with this easy lifting process by the caregiver.


Independent Living Specialists has some of the best patient lifting products in all their stores Australia wide.

Patient transfer walk belt, general purpose sling with head support, Pivot sling, stand up sling and Scaleo compact Poweo patient lifter are the top five patient lifts available at ILS.

Patient Transfer Walk belt

The patient transfer walk belt is slip resistant and soft padded. It is a product of the Royale brand and available in two sizes. It helps the caregiver to safely transfer a patient comfortably. Made out of heavy-duty fabric for utmost safety, stitched twice, with highly clear hand grips, slip-resistant lining inside to reduce belt from slipping and improved edging to guarantee durability.


General Purpose Sling with Head Support

This product from Invacare is available in five sizes in many fabrics or mesh. There is also a provision to easily remove clothing for toilet transfers. Preferable for less secure patients’ toilet transfers.

Invacare General Purpose Sling

Pivot Sling

This sling is a product from Invacare and available in five sizes with a choice of fabric or mesh. A patient could be lifted in either a sitting or lying position in this sling. Its capability of positioning a patient in a sitting position really helps accurate seating. It is recommended for general lifting which includes floor lifting.

Pivot Sling

Stand Up Sling

This Invacare product has been designed to lift a patient with ease from a seated to a standing position. It supports the patient from the waist to the shoulder with provision to move the arms freely to enable the hands to reach and naturally grip the support rails when the patient rises.

It is recommended for patients who are having weight issues and it is available in two types depending on whether the lifter is a loo or keyhole attachment.

Standup Sling

Scaleo Compact Poweo Patient Lifter with 4 Point Spreader

This French product is light and foldable and usable in home care and nursing home. It is very easy to use and could lift a patient from the floor equipped with mechanical and electrical emergency lowering, the mechanical opening of the legs, transportable and the low base is suitable to fit under wheelchairs, beds or bathtubs.


Learn more about our range of patient lifters.