A Mobility scooter is generally termed as a motorized wheelchair and anyone who uses this device is referred to as a ‘pedestrian’ under the NSW road rules.

Mobility Scooter Registration in NSW

Registering a mobility scooter is not a necessity according to NSW law. However, it is necessary to comply with the NSW road rules.

NSW Road Rules and Regulations

  • Not allowed to travel faster than 10kms per hour on level ground
  • Unladed weight of the device should not exceed 110kgm.
  • It should not be used on the road unless it is impossible to travel on the footpath or pavement.
  • If a pavement or footpath is not available, the device should be kept to the far side of the road and face oncoming traffic.
  • A motorized scooter cannot be used with a blood alcohol concentration of 0.05 or more.


License to drive a mobility scooter

A special license is not required to ride a mobility scooter. However, the user should be unable to walk or has difficulty in walking to be able to legally drive this device.

Third Party Insurance

Third party insurance is not a requirement.

Required skills to drive a mobility scooter safely

A few basic skills are required to operate the mobility scooter safely. Operating the controls and manoeuvring the machine is a top priority. Balancing and adjusting the body position when travelling on rough terrain. Be observant of obstacles and avoid colliding. Speeds and distances should be judged appropriately and make good decisions to protect your safety and others.


QLD Road Rules and Regulations

Mobility scooters fall under the motorized wheelchair category with the Queensland Department of Transport and main roads and the device is restricted by law to a maximum speed of 10km/h and a maximum tare weight of 110kg. Further, a mobility scooter can be used only by the registered user.

Mobility Scooter registration and Third party insurance in QLD

All mobility scooters have to be registered if it is being used in public roads, pavements or footpaths. Further, there is no levy for registration or compulsory third party insurance.

Information for the Registration

  • A certificate or statement from a doctor indicating the user needs to use a mobility scooter for assistant travel due to severe immobility.
  • A vehicle registration application form (F3518)
  • A vehicle details form (F3529)
  • A motorized wheelchair statement form (F4414)
  • Proof of the vehicle’s origin such as former registration papers or purchase receipt.
  • Proof of the vehicle’s garaging address such as QLD driver license, rates notice, electricity or phone bill.
  • Proof of personal identification such as QLD driver license. Other details of ID can be obtained from the Evidence of Identity information sheet(F4362).


Driving License to drive a mobility scooter in QLD

A driving license is not a necessity but it is necessary to have a certificate from a doctor verifying the need for assisted travel due to severe immobility.

QLD Road Rules

The user should be able to operate the machine safely and comply with all road rules of Queensland as well as the pedestrians.

The user should always give way to other road users on a path or nature strip, driving as close to the side of the road as possible, using the most direct route available while crossing the road and driving not faster than 10km/h.



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The Best Mobility Scooter To Purchase In Australia


Most elderly people detect their inability to move around with the onset of the ageing process. The former sprightly muscles will start to feel listless and tired after a slight exercise routine. However, it is not recommendable to stop moving completely and many seniors discover that using a mobility scooter is useful to move around on their own independently. Acquiring a mobility scooter gives them an opportunity to travel on their own and taking a walk in the park without being concerned about falls or injuries.

Independent Living Specialists has over 40 models of branded mobility scooters in their stores Australia wide to suit the budget and requirements of their customers.

Although some mobility scooters are expensive, these are equipped with more features while the cheaper scooters have basic functions. Selecting a scooter that is best suited for the user is very important while being considerate of the functions and features that play an important role in the user’s life.

Scout Sport Quattro Mobility Scooter with all round suspension

In terms of price, durability, popularity and fast selling, the Scout Sport Quattro mobility scooter with all round suspension from the Drive Medical brand can be considered as the best mobility scooter to buy.

This is an exclusive new model in the scooter range of Independent Living Specialists and the most powerful portable scooter in the market and considered to be as powerful as a medium sized scooter.

The Scout sport quattro Mobility Scooter features deluxe cushioned seating with stitching and contoured wide armrests for a more relaxed ride, and in addition to its comfort, it provides the next generation Drive splitting mechanism for easy storage and transportation.

The Scout sport quattro Mobility Scooter features deluxe cushioned seating with stitching and contoured wide armrests for a more relaxed ride, and in addition to its comfort, it provides the next generation Drive splitting mechanism for easy storage and transportation.

It is equipped with a deluxe stitched cushioned seat and well-shaped wide armrests for a better-relaxed ride and the width of the flip-up armrest is adjustable for more elasticity. Furthermore, the next generation Drive splitting mechanism provides easy storage and transportation in addition to its comfort. The Scout Sport Quattro mobility scooter’s additional features include a comfortable seat that swivels for easy transmissions on and off the scooter. The seat height is adjustable to suit the user’s requirement. The seat is also removable. It also has a standard off the board and in-house charging mechanism and an electromagnetic braking system and long-lasting delta type handlebars for effortless control of the device.

It is waterproof with a top speed of 7kmp covering a maximum range of 22km on a full battery charge. The battery pack is fitted with 2x22AH airline friendly batteries removable with easy to carry handle and locking mechanism. The front light is LED for maximum visibility. The wheel hubs are stylish silver with black puncture proof non-marking tyres. Standard rear ant- tip wheels and removable storage basket included.


The anti-rollback system safety mechanism averts the scooter from rolling backwards while climbing hills. The scooter’s freewheel facility permits it to move without switching on the motor. The product weighs 45kgs and capable of carrying a maximum weight of 130kg.

It is currently available at a special offer and delivered express free for online customers Australia wide



A mobility scooter is an asset to the handicapped, elderly or patients with limited mobility. Independent Living Specialists provide tailor-made models with the best mileage to meet the requirements of people who need this equipment. All ILS stores Australia wide is equipped with a wide range of renowned brands of these scooters on hire or buying options.


This device provides a comfortable ride to immobile people who need to travel on footpaths, rough surfaces or any other place they may need to go. It gives them a sense of independence to carry on their normal activities. Being mindful of the mileage is essential if the user is contemplating riding to fairly long distances.

Best Mileage

Sunrise Medical Sterling S700 mobility scooter, Comet Alpine Plus mobility scooter, Invacare Comet Ultra mobility scooter, Viper mobility scooter and Shoprider Rocky 889 golf mobility scooter are some of the scooters that provide the best mileage.

Sunrise Medical Sterling S700 Mobility Scooter

This device is considered as the pacesetter in mobility scooters with its high outdoor performance features. Equipped with large 75AH battery power to cover an extended range up to 55km. It can deal with hill slopes of 10 degrees, greater pavement edges and any obstacles with its large 33cm tyres. It is actually a mobility scooter invented for an active person.

Sunrise Medical Mobility Scooters available through ILSAU

Comet Alpine Plus Mobility Scooter

This is a brand new product invented to provide a quick pull with its large motor. It’s a strong power unit and built-in 4-point independent suspension makes it excellent for outdoor use. This device ensures an uninterrupted comfortable drive even on a rough path and is also designed to navigate through the most challenging cliffs. It also has a variety of safety features such as speed reduction when turning, brake light when halting and a 2-step disconnecting level to prevent the scooter from moving on its own. It is able to cover a mileage of 50km on battery power.

COMET ALPINE PLUS CV02 Mobility Scooter

Invacare Comet ULTRA Mobility Scooter

This outdoor mobility scooter can cover a mileage up to 50km and the best device for those weighing up to 220kg. Its many safety features ensure a secure ride fast and comfortably.

Comet Ultra Mobility Scooter

Viper Mobility Scooter

This inventive product from Drive Medical is one of the newest models in their sporty range of mobility scooters with a mileage of 48km and offers a large degree of comfort and dependence in a strong foundation. Giving priority to the safety of the user during its invention of this unique scooter, the features include an anti-roll structure to avert any obstacles while moving uphill. In addition, a manual handbrake has been installed in case of power stoppage and the standard powerful lighting package is inclusive of high-level indicators.


Shoprider Rocky 889 Golf Mobility Scooter

This mobility scooter has a mileage of 45km with a maximum user weight capacity of 225kg and ideal to be used in your local golf course in addition to other places around your home whilst maintaining a stable and comfortable ride.

Shoprider Rocky 889 Golf Scooter
All mobility scooters available at Independent Living Specialists are delivered free to the doorstep for online customers.



A simple injury can confine a person to be indoors without getting out and about. Utilizing crutches at this juncture can bring about a big difference in a person’s life. However, it is vital to choose the correct crutches to meet your specific need and comfort level.   An array of underarm and forearm crutches to suit people weighing 100kg to 200kg according to their specific needs are available in all stores of Independent Living Specialists Australia wide. Most importantly the models available could be customized to adjust and adapt according to the user’s size.


How to select a crutch according to size

Usually, underarm crutches are used when a person has an acute, temporary injury and it is recommended only if they are able to bear weight on one leg.

Forearm crutches may pose unstable with a full load and it is usually recommended for long term use if a person is able to bear weight on both legs but still need additional support.

Crutches that doesn’t fit properly can bring about a disorder named crutch palsy where the nerves under the arm could get damaged temporarily or permanently resulting in a weakened hand, wrist and forearm muscles. This is why it is important to choose the correct crutches for safety and to minimize complications.

Adjusting the height/length to match underarm and forearm crutches measurement

Underarm Crutches

  • Assist the person into a standing position with the regular walking shoes intact.
  • Place the top axilla pad about 5cm under the armpit and extend the crutches to a place on the ground about 15cm out from the side of the foot.
  • Adjust the handgrip to sit approximately at the height of the wrist cease which should allow the elbow to bend for around 15-30 degrees.
  • Finally, check the fit of the crutches. The top of each crutch should be about two finger widths from the underarm and the wrists should be on par with the hand grips when the user’s arms hang at their side.

Underarm Crutches Heavy Duty

Forearm Crutches

In the case of forearm or elbow crutches, the handle height should be measured the same way as underarm crutches. Height decision of the forearm should be by measuring the clenched fist to 2.5cm below the elbow crease. The forearm cuff should not obstruct the elbow movement but should, however, stop the crutch from slipping off the arm.

Measurement and Set-up

  • Assist the person into a standing position with the walking shoes intact.
  • Brief patient to tilt their elbow to enable the crease of the wrist to be in level with the hip joint.
  • Measure the forearm 3 inches below the elbow and add the distance between the wrist and floor.
  • Measure the largest part of the forearm from the cuff size.
  • Choose a pair of crutches according to the person’s measurements and adjust the length of the crutches up or down to match the measurements.

Forearm Crutches - Ergonomic


Some of the most popular crutches available at Independent Living Specialists are forearm crutches with ergonomic grip, heavy duty forearm crutches-gutter, underarm universal size crutches, underarm crutches aluminum and underarm crutches heavy-duty




Weakness with the onset of old age is unavoidable and this stage can cause stress to your elderly family member. They may have to deal with further issues when shifting to another residence. Love and support is the least assistance that can be offered to them during this stressful period.

Organizing the shifting process

The whole procedure of shifting to a retirement home or another house of choice will definitely have a damaging impact on your elderly family member, therefore, lessen their burden of planning the move by yourself. It could be started by contacting the staff of the retirement home and plan ahead for your relative’s arrival or cleaning and making it livable if they have decided to shift to a new house. Ensuring the move is stress-free by contacting and arranging with the movers. In addition, determine that the people your family member is dealing with are polite and helpful.

Giving Preferences

Although most of the work related to shifting and transactions will be handled by you, the family member should be aware and make their own decision when it comes to choosing the place they wish to stay. Inquire directly where they wish to settle and if they don’t have a particular place in mind, a list of places that will suit their present interests could be created along with pictures and given to them for their scrutiny and final decision.

Regain independence and enjoy greater mobility with Australia's only full service aged-care equipment provider.

Regain independence and enjoy greater mobility with Australia’s only full service aged-care equipment provider.


Being present and close to your family member once they shift even for a little while is generally appreciated greatly by them. Being present physically is not a necessity at all times, but support can be shown through a nice long phone call, a letter or email if they are tech-savvy. If possible take some off your time to check on them and cheer them up. This is the best time to mend your bond if there are any cracks in your relationship.

Peace and Comfort

At this juncture, your family member is most likely to be going through very high stress and tension and your first priority are to help them feel at ease. It can be started by initiating to redecorate the new house to feel familiar with the surroundings such as putting up pictures and mementos according to their preference. Further, it is recommended to get them involved in this decision making. In the event they are having difficulty in their personal movement, aged care equipment such as a lift chair or mobility scooter could be provided to improve their independent living. This also provides a sense of emotional relief when they are aware that they’ll be able to get around on their own.


However, this is not the end of your task after they have settled in safely in their new place. They will have to be checked regularly and assisted wherever possible. A lot of patience is required as this is the time they need their loved ones close to them all the more.