Terrain mobility scooter is the best mode of transport for a handicapped person who needs to lead an active life. So, their wish of enjoying the countryside or driving a larger or heavier than the usual mobility scooter can be fulfilled with the purchase of a terrain mobility scooter. These scooters are manufactured to be used in rugged terrains, such as rough paths, uneven ground or grass, and climbing hills. These could also travel up to 50 miles.


Independent Living Specialist has a good range of terrain mobility scooters especially selected for the disabled people of Australia. These products are available in all the stores countrywide and delivered to the door for online customers. Free shipping is also offered country-wide.



Predator 4-wheel drive mobility scooter, Rocky Shoprider mobility scooter and All-New 2016 Viper mobility scooter are some of the scooters that could be used on rough terrains.

Predator 4-wheel drive scooter

The Predator terrain mobility scooter could be driven on the road and pavements without restrictions. It is equipped with independent suspension, disk brakes and 500W motor in each of the 4 wheels make it perfect for off-road driving. This product is considered to be a perfect investment for those looking for a unique mobility scooter to go on an outdoor vacation.

Rocky 4 Shoprider Mobility Scooter

The Rocky four-wheel scooter is also designed for rough terrain with a long wheelbase and rear wheel drive.

All New 2016 Viper Mobility Scooter

The Viper Mobility Scooter has a solid platform with a great deal of comfort and reliability and an excellent sporting design. Special concern has been given to safety on the manufacture of this scooter. It also features an anti-roll structure to avoid difficulties in climbing hills along with a manual handbrake for emergency power stoppage.

Easy Operation

Current technology has improved the manufacture of mobility scooters resulting in the products being more comfortable and much easier to operate.

People with limited upper body strength could easily move the handlebars and the basic control switches help to easily learn how to operate the device. Although some people learn to operate it fast, it is best to be confident to control and stop the device for an emergency.


Outdoor activities

In addition to assisting you to carry out your daily activities, a terrain mobility scooter is an asset for a handicapped outdoor person. A person with limited mobility can easily travel to the countryside or ride on steep and rough roads and enjoy the scenery and fresh air.

Bariatric mobility scooter Shoprider Rocky 4

Social and health benefits.

Most people with limited mobility get easily depressed due to their normal activities being curtailed. With the introduction of these modern all-terrain mobility scooters, people are able to lead a normal independent life, partake in social activities and most importantly get involved in outdoor activities.

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