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Walkers are a standard remedy for anyone who is affected by difficulty in walking or balancing oneself when in a standing position. Walkers generally comprise a supporting frame on which you can lean on with both your hands. It can help you get up and sit, balance while on your feet and to reduce the strain on your legs while walking. Certain walkers have wheels that you can conveniently push forward while walking. Seat walkers are a new invention in the field walkers that provide the user the facility of sitting down during a walk, once she or he gets tired.

Allows you complete independence

Seat walkers allow you the complete package of tools you need to be independent. It allows you the freedom to attend to your daily tasks without being a hindrance to anyone. Thick wheels can allow you to walk both indoors and outdoors. The locking mechanism on the wheels can allow you to sit and stand without help as well. In addition, seat walkers come with additional accessories such as a bag in which you can store any essential items when walking and backrests to make sitting more comfortable.


Keeps you safe from falling

Walkers provide you with the stability and strength to avoid falling while walking. Losing their sense of balance is very common among the elderly population. This can hinder their activities much. Walkers are very helpful in overcoming this situation and giving one the confidence to stroll freely.

Maintains the correct walking pattern

Walking safely is not the only benefit; walkers also help maintain the correct pattern of walking. There are walkers ergonomically designed to help the user walk correctly with the correct posture that allows your body to thrive rather than injure. Ergonomically designed walkers come with ergonomically shaped handles that allow the best grip that will not strain your hands, shoulders or back. Ample space between the handles can allow the user to step into the rollator and also allows one to step without hindrance. The Leia Lightweight Rollator by Human Care which enables a big walking space is an example of a rollator that is ergonomically designed to ease any back or shoulder strain when using. It is lightweight and thus easy to maneuver and comes in three different heights allowing you to pick the one best suited to maintain your body posture. It is important not to hunch while walking to allow good circulation.


Exercise keeps you healthy

A big perk of owning a walker is that it allows you to walk frequently giving your body an adequate supply of exercise. Exercise allows your blood supply to increase making your organs function with gusto. Owning a seat walker is an extra perk as you can sit whenever you tire. This can allow you to walk longer distances over your neighborhood and vicinity with no fear of burning up.

Acts as furniture

Lastly, seat walkers can substitute chairs whenever you need to sit down. It can even be used as a gardening chair when you need to attend to a bit of gardening outdoors.


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