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Wheelchairs are one of the most commonly used mobility aids around the world. They ensure mobility and safety for those who are facing mobility disabilities; both young and elderly. There are types and brands of wheelchair that come in different sizes, methods of use and designs. The different methods of use include the likes of manual wheelchairs (that can either be self-propelled or transit/transport) and power wheelchairs. The lightest wheelchairs are usually transit wheelchairs because the motors that are included in the Power wheelchairs make them quite heavy.

Transit wheelchairs

A transit wheelchair, also known as a transport wheelchair, is one that requires another person to push and guide the wheelchair to its route/destination. The rear wheels are often either the same size or slightly larger than the front wheels. The person sitting in the wheelchair cannot use it without the assistance of another. However they are super light, easily folded or even dissembled; so as the name implies, ideal for travel. It can be easily carried around by someone or packed in the car, plane or train. Since some are foldable it will be ready for you at the same time you are ready to step out the door. The convenience of such an apparatus for someone with a mobility disability is indescribable!

Types and Brands of Light Wheelchair available at ILS

Days Healthcare Swift Wheelchair has been designed to be a light, practical and easy to transport wheelchair, making it an ideal occasional chair for both indoor and outdoor use. Its compact dimensions allow good maneuverability indoors and the ultra-light construction and ease to fold for storage or transport make it a very versatile chair. So it is very suitable for your life on the road as well as at home, and should be the pick if you are looking for versatility.


Omega Lite Transit Wheelchair features a lightweight aluminum frame with swing-away removable footrests and a fold down backrest. This helps make the Omega an ideal portable wheelchair. Also features 8 inch rear wheels, attendant brakes and a user weight capacity of 125kg. So portability wise it is a winner.


Auscare Shopper 12 Transit Wheelchair features an ultra-light 11kg collapsible frame with a folding backrest and rear wheel locks. A 19” seat width enables most users to use this chair.


Get the Best Service at ILS!

ILS offers wheelchairs ranging from light-weight to heavy-duty. They are designed for the ease of use for either the career or user. With many featuring durable and reliable aluminum frames, they ensure that you will get years of quality use and mobility. They also offer a wide range of well-known brands including Auscare, Pride, Breezy, Days Healthcare and Invacare. There are also many good deals and offers available now so go check them out and enjoy shopping!

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