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Zippie Iris


With the XLOCK® folding cross brace option, the Zippie IRIS® rotation-in-space wheelchair delivers a greater mix of positioning, manoeuvrability, and portability.


The IRIS seat frame utilises patented Intelligent Rotation in Space technology to rotate around the child’s centre of gravity. To provide a smooth tilting motion, the rotating arm was built specifically for children. Also, it assists children in remaining safe and comfortable while tilting, and it is simple for parents and carers to operate.

The Zippie IRIS is now equipped with both rotation-in-space technology and a foldable frame. Its innovative XLOCK folding cross brace provides improved rigidity when unfolded and folds into a compact dimension for transport.

The IRIS is designed to provide adequate support as your child grows. The folding frame option provides up to 4 inches of built-in depth expansion and 2 inches of built-in width expansion. The option for a stiff frame includes width-adjustable strut tubes.

Also, the original Zippie IRIS owner is eligible for one free growth kit through the True Fit Growth programme within five years. The growth kit contains all parts and components required to adjust the chair’s seat width and depth. (Not offered for Zippie IRIS SE models.)

Additional information

Product Width

17.5" to 25.5"

Front Seat-to-Floor Height

13" to 19"

Rear Seat-to-Floor Height

13" to 19"

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