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Jenx Standz 2: Abduction Stander

The Standz 2 is a versatile standing system designed for children between the ages of 5–14 years old. It offers the option for prone or supine standing positions and accommodates for abducted or neutral leg positioning. It was created with input from therapists and carers worldwide to ensure the perfect combination of clinical positioning and ease of use.


Unlike a scaled-up version of the original Standz, Standz 2 offers functions and accessories that are appropriate for older, taller, heavier, and stronger users, while maintaining the simplicity of adjustment and use found on Standz. The functional features and accessories are designed to cater to the needs of older users and to make it easy and safe for care providers to use.

The system has been developed with feedback from global clinicians and parents, and it continues to prioritise clinically correct positioning, allowing clinicians to support older children and adolescents as they move from postural development to postural maintenance. Standz 2 keeps all the versatility of the original Standz and offers upright, prone, and supine standing in either a neutral or abducted leg position, making it a complete family standing product.

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