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Leckey Squiggles

Squiggles Stander provides children with the support and independence they need to participate, have fun, and gain a new perspective on the world, whether they are writing on a whiteboard at school, making arts and crafts masterpieces, playing catch with siblings, or singing in the chorus with friends. Squiggles Stander is great for any child-friendly location, such as a daycare, school, or home, due to its colourful and engaging aesthetic. Additionally, because Squiggles Stander is low to the ground, it is easier to interact with others at eye level. This allows children to view their world from a different angle and enjoy new experiences.


The adaptability of the Squiggles Stander enables a custom fit. The chest and pelvic supports are cushioned for comfort and are height, width, and angle adjustable. Additionally, the ergonomic design of the chest pad enhances shoulder and upper-limb performance. The angle and depth of the footplates of Squiggles can be modified to accommodate hip or ankle rotation and asymmetrically tight hamstrings. Footplate plantar flexion addresses tight gastrocnemius muscles and leg length inequality.

Squiggles Stander is the best alternative for home standing therapy because of its portability, adjustability, and ability to be disassembled for storage or transport. Squiggles Stander is easy to use and convenient for parents.

A versatile, supportive, and compact stander that provides children with a completely new perspective on the world.

  • Design that is bright, fun, and geared towards children.
  • Highly adjustable, allowing for a custom fit.
  • Parents will find it useful and simple to use.
  • Three-in-one stander with prone, upright, and supine positions.

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