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Xrover Multi-Functional Stroller


xRover is a medical stroller that transports individuals with limited mobility in safety and comfort. xRover is equipped with numerous features that make it suitable for a variety of terrains, from city streets to outdoor activities such as jogging, hiking, and beach visits. xRover can be converted into a bike trailer and ski buggy, so the entire family can enjoy outdoor activities together.


The European design and constructed xRover is a certified medical stroller, registered with the TGA and compliant with the requirements of AS EN 1212:2025 for users up to 120kg. It offers a level of access to recreation and social activities that a traditional wheelchair cannot provide. The xRover is light and easy to operate, even for users up to 120kg.

It is equipped with various features that make it suitable for different outdoor terrains such as city streets, beaches, and even snow. The xRover can also be attached to the back of an adult bicycle for a shared experience.

Investing in an xRover multi-purpose stroller provides the ability to use it in various ways such as a jogging stroller, all-terrain buggy, outdoor stroller, beach buggy, ski buggy, and bike trailer. It can be configured with different attachments such as 14” front fixed wheel, 6” swivel front wheel, 3 balloon tyres, 3 ski attachment, and cyclo attachment.

Key Features

  • Front & rear frame arches to protect the head and body.
  • Safety belts with five-point safety buckles.
  • Rear axle wheel camber ensures stability and decreases risk of side overturn.
  • Possibility to modify the handbrake from right to left.
  • All fastening materials are made of stainless steel A2 grade.
  • An integrated bag for accessories and personal items.
Details Small Medium Large
Length – with 14″ front wheel (standard configuration) 149 cm 172 cm 196 cm
Length – with 6″ front wheel 118 cm 136 cm 163 cm
Height – with wheels 87 cm 95 cm 103 cm
Overall Width – frame 63 cm 63 cm 63 cm
Inside Width 41 cm 41 cm 41 cm
Width – wheel track 76 cm 76 cm 76 cm
Handle Height max – standard 108 cm 110 cm 112 cm
Handle Height – long 115 cm 117 cm 119 cm
Frame Weight 3.6 kg 4.1 kg 4.8 kg
Inside Width 41 cm 41 cm 41 cm

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