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Jenx Multi 2

The Jenx Multistander 2 is a highly versatile 3-in-1 standing system designed for children from approximately 4–13 years old. It also comes in a size 1 version, suitable for ages 9 months to 6 years. It offers upright, prone, and supine positioning and provides a high level of postural support.


The Jenx Multi 2 is fully adjustable for height and width and can support a maximum weight of 60kg, making it perfect for growing children in multi-use environments. The smooth and easy angle adjustments allow for easy transfers and unlimited scope for setting the precise standing angle required for each child.

The wide variety of head, trunk, leg, and foot support options enable you to customise the Multistander 2 to any individual user and the open design allows for visibility of the user’s positioning at all times. The capacity for outstanding support, coupled with exceptional growth and a versatile range of accessories, make the Multistander 2 a great option for meeting the changing needs of a growing child for many years.

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