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Sheepskin Medical – X-Large Wild Goose Bed Overlay

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Comfort. Cool in summer and warm in winter and absorbs up to 36% of its dry weight in moisture without feeling damp. Durability. The Hi Temp Medical Sheepskin range is urine & blood resistant Suitable for use in the home, hospital and nursing home A comfortable pure Australian medical sheepskin with a material backing to ensure the comfort of those spending long hours in bed. Aids in the prevention and reduction of pressure ulcers by providing even pressure distribution. Keeps the skin dry by offering a high level of moisture adsorption. The user does not suffer irritation caused by perspiration and wetness. Includes velcro strapping to make sure it remains comfortably inplace. Padded lining, velcro straps


Made from genuine Australian sheepskins, individually selected to have the highest density and finest wool qualities. Proven to reduce pressure and abrasion on the skin making it ideal for pressure ulcer treatment and prevention. These products offer pressure care for those who are immobile, frail or in hospital and are ideal for diabetes patients.

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Wild Goose




135cm x 185cm

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