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Ormesa Grillo Support Walker

Grillo by Ormesa is a support walker for adults and children that aims to aid those with reduced mobility and encourage independence. It comes in both front and rear versions and offers exceptional customisation, ease of use, and versatility through various adjustments and supports. Equipped with ergonomic and independent pelvic and thoracic support, Grillo ensures maximum support during each step.


Grillo by Ormesa is ideal for pushing and manoeuvring, even for those with severely impaired voluntary motor skills and balance; furthermore, it is foldable, making it the ideal solution for those with limited space at home or who travel frequently.

The frame can be adapted in both static and dynamic phases with the user in place: the system of height adjustment with a constant centre of gravity allows Grillo to grow with the child for many years.

Grillo, which is available in four sizes, enables adults and children to live independently, thereby contributing to the development and strengthening of self- and body-awareness.


  • Safety
  • Stability
  • Restraint and support

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