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The Molift RgoSling Shadow is suitable for users who require total support. The sling is designed to be left under the user after transfer. It has no straps or seams on the surface that is supposed to be in skin contact. The Rgo Sling Shadow is especially suitable for users in moulded seat units.

Available in sizes XS-XL in net polyester, it has a safe working load of 240kg for the XL size.


The Molift Rgo Sling Shadow is specifically designed to be left in place after a transfer. Flexible and supportive to the whole body and head, it distributes weight and pressure evenly for maximum comfort. It is especially suitable for users in molded wheelchair seating systems.

Key features include :

  • Comfortable support – The sling has a high back, head support and supports your entire core. It has split leg support with a medium opening. The Rgo Sling Shadow is not suitable for double leg amputees. The sling can be used for lifting from a lying position to a sitting or lying position.
  • Polyester net with thin webbing – The sling has no straps or seams in contact surface with you when left in the  wheelchair protecting skin integrity.
  • The label can be folded away if needed – The label is a traditional label that can be folded away if needed to achieve a comfortable position for the head in the moulded seat/in the wheelchair.
  • No pockets – There is no pocket in the back or on the leg-rests to achieve a comfortable position when the sling remains under the user after transfer.
  • Colour-coded loops – Colour-coded loops on the leg straps helps you find the right sling size.
  • Lift bar – The Rgo Sling Shadow is designed for use with 4-point lift bars but also works with 2-point lift bars.
  • Approved for weight up to 240kg.

Additional information



Maximum user weight

240 kg (529 lbs)




XS: 17-25 kg (37-55 lbs)
S: 25-50 kg (55-110 lbs)
M: 45-95 kg (99-210 lbs)
L: 90-160 kg (198-363 lbs)
XL: 160-240 kg (353-529 lbs)

Washing instructions

Washing at higher temperatures wears out the material faster. The sling must be inspected regularly, preferably prior to each lifting operation but especially after it has been washed. Make sure not to damage or remove labels when cleaning.


Two years for material and manufacturing defects with correct use.


Molift Rgo Sling User Manual

Molift Rgo Sling Brochure

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