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Light Drive Power Assist


The Lite Drive power assist is an electric motor that instantly transforms your manual wheelchair into an ultra-lightweight, high-performance electric wheelchair!


The Light Drive unit is controlled by a joystick while maintaining the manoeuvrability of the chair; it stops when the joystick is released and has a 360-degree range of motion, including full reverse.

By releasing the clutch, you can freewheel, giving you the option of employing the power assist or driving manually.

The Lite Drive prioritises safety by including a downhill brake system that automatically limits your descent.

Benoit System’s Light Drive is a strong and dependable power add-on for most manual wheelchairs.


  • Convert your manual wheelchair to an ultra-lightweight electric chair in few seconds
  • Climb hills effortlessly, glide on grass, and traverse gravel walkways and uneven pavers
  • Variable speed with a maximum of 10 km/h Range of 14 to 16 km per charge
  • Dependable electric aid accessory for your manual chair
Features Details
Adaptable wheelchairs Installation possible on virtually all chairs with minimum width of 40 cm between wheels.
Maximum weight advised Approx 100 kg (16 stone) for optimum performance, but can go up to 120 kg (19 stone)
Weight of unit Motor 9 kg, battery 5 kg, brackets & joystick 500 g
Climb 20% (12°) for a person weighing 70 kg (11 stone).
Speed Adjustable between 0-10 km/h (0-6mph).
Range 14 – 16 km
Tyres We recommend Marathon Plus from Schwalbe as they offer excellent traction with our system and have a very thick layer of puncture resistant material. Solid tyres are not compatible.
Front castors We recommend castors no smaller than 6’’ in diameter

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