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Leckey Squiggles Chair

The Squiggles Seat is the perfect starter seating system for children, providing the necessary support and comfort for them to do big things in life. The seat allows children to eat dinner independently, watch movies with siblings, do homework on a tablet, and enjoy tabletop play, opening up a world of possibilities.


Squiggles is specifically designed to meet the unique needs of young children, it’s not a scaled-down version of another seat, which allows children to reach their full developmental potential. It features a one-piece seat base and adjustable sacral support that can be used to accommodate flexion or encourage extension, which is important at this early stage. Additionally, an optional contoured shoulder support that is angle adjustable and helps bring the hands to midline.

The Squiggles seat is low to the ground, making it ideal for child-to-child interaction, maximising opportunities for inclusive play, learning and socialising at eye level, making it perfect for nursery, school, and home environments. The Squiggles seat offers a snug and comfortable fit that kids love, thanks to its shape, laterals with fabric tip that wrap securely around the child and its 4-point pelvic harness that integrates with the hip pad.

Additional information

Age (Approx)

1 – 5 years

Seat Width Range

160 – 260 mm

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