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Leckey MyWay Pedal Walker

MyWay Pedal is an elliptical trainer that attaches to the size 2 and 3 MyWay frame. It is designed to improve strength and functional ability and provide children with the opportunity to be active and have fun. By targeting and strengthening anti-gravity muscles, MyWay Pedal helps reduce the risk of hip and knee contractures and improve function. Pedaling in an upright, extended position, as opposed to the flexed position of a trike, works the quads in the end range and reduces the risk of contractures and deterioration in standing and walking ability.


The elliptical pedaling of MyWay Pedal provides a sensori-motor experience similar to gait, and facilitates an elliptical action more like stepping to support gait therapy goals. The elliptical motion involves a longer forwards/backwards movement rather than an up/down movement, which helps improve loading around the hip and aid joint development.

Performance and progress can be tracked using the Leckey Connect App, which charts a child’s speed, distance, and duration of elliptical pedaling to provide motivation.

Details Size 2 Size 3
Age (approx.) 4 – 11 9 – 16
User Shoulder Height (to floor) (mm) 870 – 1190 1070 – 1490
User Saddle Height (inside leg) (mm) 400 – 610 550 – 810
Max. User Weight (kg) 50 80
Frame Weight (kg) 6.5 9.5
Upper Support Unit Weight (kg) 10.5 11
Frame Width 670 720
Frame Length 850 1100

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