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Forte Zephair Hybrid Mattress

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The Forte Zephair Hybrid Air Mattress System provides true leadership when patient care demands unprecedented comfort alongside outstanding care. Tried and trusted by facilities and homecare alike, the Zephair provides gentle critical care, pressure injury prevention, pain management, comfort and compliance, stability and safety and mitigation of falls risk.

By optimising patient function, and reducing risk of pain and injury, the Zephair increases dignity, independence and cognitive welfare for vulnerable patients.


The ability to provide comfort and compliance in a high-care setting is fully embraced by the Forte Zepahir and expressed at an individualised level. The Zephair is a seamless display of modern support surface technology – through the uniquely formulated combination of air and foam. In combination with a near-silent vibration free pump, the Zephair comfort experience is unparalleled, allowing for lower peak pressures, pain relief, minimal disturbance and resultantly a better sleep for the user. A stable surface is created using a firm foam foundation including the foam base and keyhole strengthened sides which dramatically increases the edge stability for transfers and other daily living tasks.

The handcrafted, Premiflex Ultra cover is produced using the highest quality material made to Forte specification, meeting the demands and requirements of clinical counterparts, including high levels of cleaning agent resistance, longevity and antimicrobial protection. The Super Shear inner cover alleviates internal rubbing and shear forces, directly on the skin and within the body’s soft tissues which are created by body repositioning or by a bed’s contour functions. The holistic care provided by the Zephair ensures the user has surety of support and pressure care.

Key Features

  • Patient Interface – Upper Layer
  • Patient Interface – Lower Layer
  • Premium Firm Foundation Layer
  • 22 Cell, Alternating Air System
  • Easy To Access CPR
  • Modular Design – Every component is modular and replaceable for low ongoing costs
  • Silent Ergonomic Pump
  • Power Cord Safety Retention System
  • Super Shear Inner Cover
  • Premiflex Premium Polyurethane Pressure Care Cover – 4 Way Stretch, Vapour Permeable, Purple
  • Double Coated Polyurethane Base
  • Easy Cleaning & Care
  • Compliance
  • Full Vapour Permeability – Allows vapour to travel through cover at controlled rate, reduces risk of internal infection entrapment
  • Waterfall Zipper Protection Flap – Additional protection against fluid ingress through zipper
  • Pressure Care Rating – Very High Risk
  • Settings – Hospital Wards, Aged Care, Palliative Care, Homecare
  • Therapeutic Weight Range – 30 -180 kg

(Please visit the downloads tab for Zephair product brochure and detailed explanation of features and clinical pressure mapping )

SKU S303842 (Single) S18996 (Long Single) S302008 (King Single) S18997 (Long King Single)
Dimensions 1980×880×215 mm 2030×880×215 mm 1980×1050×215 mm 2030×1050×215 mm
SKU S308109 (Double) S307354 (Long Double) S333494 (Queen) S333495 (Long Queen)
Dimensions 1980×1350×215 mm 2030×1350×215 mm 1980×1530×215 mm 2030×1530×215 mm

Forte Zephair Hybrid Mattress Brochure

Forte Zephair Hybrid Mattress User Manual

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