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Firefly GottaGo

Designed with input from families of children with special needs, the GottaGo is a portable toilet seat that makes toilet training easier and more efficient. Its lightweight, compact design allows for easy set-up and transport in a convenient backpack. The seat promotes a supported squat posture for improved toileting, making it a great option for families on the go. Consistency is key when it comes to toilet training, and the GottaGo provides just that.


Portable and adjustable in height
Adapting GottaGo to any environment, whether at home or away.

Supported Squat Position to Facilitate Toilet Use
Adjustable back, lateral, and foot support promote a more functional squat position on the toilet.

Secure Fit
Snug “hug-like” fit that provides support to a variety of children, with warm-touch materials that are ideal for any sensory issues.

Room to Develop
One frame accommodates both seat sizes, and the adjustable seat depth allows your child to grow with their GottaGo.

GottoGo Portable Toilet Seat Age (approx.) Hip Width Minimum Seat Depth Backrest Incline Angle (forward) Thigh Angle

(off horizontal)

Backrest Height Weight (seat and frame)
Size 1 2 – 5 years 22.5 cm 22 cm 40° 24 cm 5.8 kg
Size 2 4 – 9 years 27 cm 29 cm 25° 40° 36 cm 6.1 kg

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