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EvaDrive Patient Lift Hoists


EvaDrive is a new motorised lift which drastically reduces the force required for transfer and lifting of patients. Operating EvaDrive requires minimal strength and effort even in the narrowest of spaces.

EvaDrive is operated intuitively with very little force. The control handle responds to gentle fingertip movements and is sufficiently precise to easily manoeuvre EvaDrive in very narrow spaces, for instance when repositioning patients in small hospital rooms. A gentle touch of the control handle and EvaDrive turns, reverses and moves forward with minimal effort. EvaDrive understands where you want to go – and takes you there. A single carer can easily operate the lift even with plus-size patients.

Adapt your EvaDrive to fit your needs

EvaDrive is available in two models: the Eva450Drive which is intended for patients weighing up to 450 lb and the Eva600Drive for patients weighing up to 600 lb.

Both models are easily converted with our conversion kit, which can be mounted in under 20 minutes.

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Safe working load

205 kg / 450 lbs

Lifting height min-max

500-1790 mm (19.7-70.5”)

Outer dimensions base

685-980 mm (27-38.6”)

Inner dimensions base

585-880 mm (23-34.6”)

Lifting speed without load

3.5 cm/s (1.4”/s)

Emergency lowering

Manual and electrical

Castors front

Ø 100 mm (Ø 3.9”)

Castors back

Ø 203 mm (Ø 8”)

Battery capacity

17.6 Ah



Protection class


Sling bar (width)

450 mm (17.7”)

Weight (with battery)

58 kg / 127.9 lbs

Weight (without battery)

54 kg / 119 lbs

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