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ILS physio

DigiTENS – TENS & EMS Machine

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Digital Tens  With Soft Case.

Digital Tens and Ems With Soft Bag. Combined EMS and TENS Unit.

Digital Tens has the ability to store your treatment times and schedules which can be examined by your chiropractor. Unit comes with TENS stimulator unit, carrying case, 2X TENS leads, 9V battery, operating manual and packet of 4 Electrodes. 


ILS Protens & EMS Dual Unit has fully adjustable parameters and provides relief from acute or chronic pain such as back pain, sports injury, general muscle pain, etc. Battery powered electrical unit which uses electrodes to deliver electrical pulses to the nerve fibres relieving pain.

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ILS physio


Asymmetrical Bi-Phasic square pulse


Dual, isolated between channels


3 TENS and 3 EMS

Pulse Intensity

Adjustable 0-100mA peak into 500ohm load each channel

Pulse Rate

1 – 150Hz

Pulse Width

30 – 300 micro second

Ramp Time

1 – 30 seconds

Cycle On Time

1 – 30 seconds

Cycle Off Time

1 – 60 seconds


5 – 95 min. and continuous

Power Source

3 x AAA Batteries (4.5V)

DigiTENS – TENS & EMS Machine User Manual

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