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Days Healthcare

Days Healthcare Whirl Wheelchair

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The Days Healthcare Whirl wheelchair is a versatile wheelchair with a range of features to accommodate different user needs. This sleek and stylish wheelchair is practical and will look good when you are out and about. The Whirl features fully padded upholstery with a calf-support strap for comfort and safety. It further features a detachable half-folding backrest to make reaching for objects behind you easier. The detachable backrest also makes the chair more compact for storage.


Even when used for lengthy periods of time, the completely padded upholstery provides great comfort to the user. The half-folding and detachable backrest makes turning and reaching more easier. The frame is built of steel and is suitable for people weighing up to 18 stone.

A wheelchair with a steel frame that weighs less than 15 kilograms.
The puncture-resistant tyres will not let you down and will aid in making this wheelchair more maneuverable on both indoor and outdoor hard surfaces. The wheelchair is lightweight (14.5kg), making it simple to lift, and the folding back makes it easy to store in tight locations, such as a vehicle boot.

Additional information


Days Healthcare


115 kg

Seat angle

Seat height - front

500 mm

Seat height - rear

475 mm

Seat width

381 mm

Seat depth

430 mm

Backrest height

440 mm

Chair weight

14.5 kg

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