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A range of cutlery handles to suit specific functions. The standard handle has a hollow cylindrical body, contoured has a curved shape and finger contours while the mushroom is a round hollow doorknob type handle which is easy to grip for those with weak or painful joints. The heavyweight handle is similar to the standard, but the core is filled with a metal bar to make it heavier.

Each sold separately

Additional information

Standard Handle

110 mm 30 g

Contoured Handle

120 mm 62 g

Small Grip

110 mm 20 g

Large Grip

110 mm 50 g

Oval Grip

100 mm 24 g

Double Ended Handle with Strap

110 mm 36 g

Slim Handle

115 mm 20 g

Mushroom Handle

40 mm 42 g

Custom Made Handle

75 g

Slim Lightweight Handle

110 mm 8 g

Lightweight handle

118 mm 14 g

Lightweight Double Ended Handle with Strap

118 mm 12 g

Heavyweight Handle

110 mm 145 g



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