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Bodypoint Pelvic Aeromesh Rapid Dry Bath – 2 Piece Belt

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The Aeromesh® Rapid-Dry Bath Belt has the same great design and features you’re used to and is now available in a one-piece option. This new onepiece is available with two variations on the mounting straps: grommets or plastic slides. With grommets: Can be mounted directly to the bath chair using a screw or the Bath Belt Release Knob, or with any of our accessory mounting clamps.



Seat user in shower/commode chair and establish correct posture. Determine desired position for the belt. When choosing position, consider interference with other devices. To reduce the risk of strangulation and trunk instability, the belt should be neither too high nor too low.



  • At Chest, At Knees (Preferred) Taking into account the user’s needs, ind a suitable mounting location on the wheelchair that allows the belt to be mounted at one of the preferred positions shown.
  • Across Thighs (Optional)
  • Tilting Chairs Belt must be mounted to the upper frame, above the pivot point. Mounting the belt below the pivot point can cause interference or affect belt tension.



With the user correctly seated, check the it of the belt – it should be snug so the user is secure. Small adjustments in it are done using the D-ring tightening strap. Large adjustments in it are done using the mounting grommets.



When properly positioned in chair, have user lean forward and side-to-side to check it. Check for:

  1. Normal operation of buckle and adjustment straps.
  2. Comfort – Look for areas of irritation.
  3. Position – If too high or too low, adjust mounting points.
  4. Interference with other devices – Relocate mounting points as necessary.
  5. Move chair through full range of motion, including tilt, folding, and rolling. Check for any interference.


REGULAR CLEANING: Machine wash, hot, 60°C (140°F) using laundry detergent. Tumble dry, or drip dry. Do not iron.

SPECIAL CLEANING: For extra sanitizing, the belt can be machine washed, very hot, 70°C (160°F) with bleach.

WARNING! Because of the risk of choking, it is dangerous to use a chest belt without stabilizing the pelvis – always use with a properly fitted knee or thigh belt.

WARNING! This product should only be used for positioning a person in a shower/ commode chair. It is NOT intended for use as a transportation safety device, as a personal restraint device, or in any other application where its failure could result in injury. Misuse of this product is unauthorized and unsafe.

WARNING! Accidental release of this product can allow the user to slip down or fall from the shower/commode chair. If the user’s movements or cognitive abilities could lead to accidental release, a caregiver must be present at all times during its use. Ensure that all caregivers know how to unfasten the product. Failure to do so may delay release in an emergency.

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