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Alaise Pumpless Hybrid Mattress

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The Forté Alaise is an advanced Hybrid Static Care Support Surface combining together the pressure redistribution benefits of both foam and air. Utilising a series of 13+ individual Air Cells, it offers excellent comfort, anatomical support and pressure redistribution. The Alaise is ideal for long-term care applications where maximum pressure care is required with virtually zero maintenance.


Key Features


  • Airoform Response Immersion Interface Layer
    -High open-cell elasticity for temperate stability and to maximise functionality and patient mobility
    -Maximises patient contact with support surfaces providing pressure redistribution
    -Alleviates localised pressure points
    -Anti-microbial treatment applied to foam maximises longevity and core micro-climate
    -Firmness: unique combination of soft and medium


  • 4 x Anatomically Zoned Air Cell Structure
    -Scapular, pelvic, thigh and heel zones
    -Maximum contact area is achieved using 5 separate ‘banks’ of air cells arranged in zones corresponding to anatomical locations
    -Each bank provides tailored immersion and envelopment relative to the specific size and weight of the individual
    -Air within the Alaise is contained into cells horizontally to maintain lateral stability and vertically which are preventing air “running away” to uncontrolled areas of the mattress


  • Support / Anti-Shear Reservoir
    -Allows some air from the sacral region to redistribute to the posterior of the knee
    -The knee pit or popliteal is typically an area of the body that is not in contact with the support surface


  • Full Length & Width Pressure Care Surface
    -Many static air systems don’t include the heel section of the mattress as part of the air system. The Alaise incorporates air cells from head to foot
    -The Alaise will include a full width air system across all sizes
    -No matter where an individual is situated on the mattress and no matter what size matteress is used, the Alaise has been designed to always have the air cells across the full width of the mattres


  • Sloped Heel Pressure Transfer & Protection Zone
    -The heel is one of the most susceptible areas of the body for a pressure injury to develop
    -The Alaise ensure that the heels are fully protected with dedicated air cells incorporating a heel slope with a softer immersion area
    -Heel slop offloads pressure from the patients heels and transfers to the calf area


  • Premium Firm Foundation Layer & Hinged Strengthened Sides
    -Increase lateral stability of support surfaces
    -Improves patient safety and encourages central patient positioning
    -Makes patient transfers easier
    -Unique hinge profile sides reduce foam fatigue and allow mattress to easily conform to varied bed positions
    -Enables ease of primary patient care
    -Provides exceptional comfort, support for repositioning and patient care


  • Premiflex Ultra-Premium Breathe Pressure Care Cover
    -Premiflex PFPU1100 Pressure Care Polyurethane Upper Material: 4-Way Stretch, Vapour Permeable, Purple
    -Full vapour permeability
    -Infection Control & Compliance: 10,000ppm chlorine-based cleaning agent concentration suitability, Inherent Anti-Microbial Protection, Fire retardant, High frequency sealed and welded seams


  • Easy Maintenance
    -A non-powered, self-regulating system means there is minimal or no training required for setup up. There are no settings that need to be adjusted between patient body types or weights
    -Every component is modular and replaceable for low ongoing operational costs
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Dimensions 1980 x 880 x 185 mm 2030 x 880 x 185 mm 1980 x 1050 x 185 mm 2030 x 1050 x 185 mm 1980 x 1350 x 185 mm 2030 x 1350 x 185 mm 1980 x 1530 x 185 mm 2030 x 1530 x 185 mm

Alaise Pumpless Hybrid Mattress Brochure

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