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If you are a patient undergoing a period of convalescence or part of a nursing care community taking care of patients who require extended period of bed rest or wheelchair care, Pressure Sores are common problems. Pressure care products are the ideal solution for comfortable patient care and also to avoid the often-painful experience of pressure sores.

What is a Pressure Sore?

A pressure sore (also known as a bed sore or pressure ulcers) is an injury caused to the skin by constant pressure against a hard surface. Patients who have limited mobility and are confined to a bed or a chair are more susceptible to these skin injuries as the weight of the body causes pressure thus reducing the blood supply to the skin. When this occurs over an extended period of time, it causes the skin to break resulting in an open sore.

The severity of the pressure sores can range from the surface (highlighted by red areas on the skin) to severe tissue damage that can go as deep as the muscle and bone. Common spots include elbows, heels, hips and lower back, along with other places in which you find skin over bony areas. However, you may also find them in skin folds or even where medical equipment comes in contact with the skin. Therefore, it’s important to take action with the help of pressure care products for your patient to be comfortable and avoid further discomfort and problems. As these sores take time to heal they can often lead to skin infections or even bone infections in severe cases.

Patient Pressure Care

There are many reasons why you may be at risk of getting pressure sores. One common cause is obvious; it involves pressure to the skin and tissue. Others include sliding or shifting in the bed or chair/wheelchair where the skin can fold over itself accidently, friction burns caused by being pulled across bed sheets and textured surfaces, or in the event there is excess moisture on the skin which can cause it to break down easily causing sores. In all these instances, pressure care products are invaluable to making sure the patient is comfortable. This is a vital aspect of health care, especially to avoid any pressure related sores and wounds. There a variety of pressure care products that are available for various aspects of daily life suitable for the bed, bath, wheelchair and also the toilet.

Pressure Care Devices and Products

Especially designed pressure care devices and products will ensure a comfortable convalescence and patient care for the elderly and infirmed who have restricted mobility on their own, even if it’s to readjust their position. These include specialised mattresses, pressure cushions, recliner air chairs, heel pads, elbow cushions, wheelchair pads/cushions made by various renowned brands such as Shear Comfort, Care Quip, Talley and Roho to name a few. Whilst these pressure care products are ideal as an aid, it’s also important to help things along by changing the patient’s positions as part of nursing/patient care.

If you are looking for quality pressure care devices/products for your nursing and patient care, contact Independent Living Specialists on 1300 008 267 to purchase your own, or even if you are looking to hire pressure care products such as gel cushions, fibre overlays, mattresses, memory foam cushions and air chairs!

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