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A TENS Machine is a portable battery operated machine used to dispense electrical pulses stimulating nerves of the intended region. TENS stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation and is primarily used for pain relief or pain treatment, but can also help strengthen muscles. At Independent Living Specialists, you may find various models that may be ideal for your requirement.

How to Use TENS Machine on Shoulder Pain

The Trapezius is the pair of large triangular muscles extending over the back of the neck and shoulders. You suffering from the likes of frozen shoulder or any type of shoulder pain across that muscles region, you may be looking for a treatment option for pain relief. As these muscles help in moving your head and shoulder blade, movement can cause pain. Using the machine with the electrode pads placed on the deltoid, bicep/neck area or on either trapezius muscles may relieve pain.

How to Use a TENS Machine for Back Pain

Most often than not, back pain or pain closer to the spinal cord is quite unbearable. In the event you are planning on an alternative pain relief method, you can focus the TENS machine on three regions. These include the low back muscles, the erector spinalis (along the spine), and the trapezius (the shoulder area). By knowing how to use a TENS machine for back pain you may reap from the benefits especially for chronic back pain sufferers as a non-invasive/medicated treatment option.

How to Use TENS Machine for Knee Pain

If you suffer from knee paid caused by arthritis variations such as knee osteoarthritis, you may find pain relief through electrical stimulation with the help of  TENS therapy. Based on studies that have been carried out it has been found that older patients who suffer from knee pain have found pain relief as well as increase in quadriceps muscle strength. With reduction in pain and strengthening of the quadriceps muscles that supports the knee, osteoarthritis patients can delay knee replacement surgeries. When using the machine for knee pain, you are required to place the adhesive electrodes on the skin surrounding the knee, ideally above and below the knee region.

TENS Machine Placement

If you are wondering about the TENS machine placement of electrodes to counter the pain and offer you relief, the following chart can be of help.

How to Use a TENS Machine 1

How to Use TENS Machine for Weight Loss

There has been much debate on whether a TENS unit can actually help lose weight. What it really does is it the pulses help tone muscles and are often used by physical therapists or healthcare professionals in this regard and should be used under their supervision and guidance.

TENS Machine Side Effects

The machine essentially overrides the pain signals sent to the brain from various nerve endings. When used properly, you may experience mild side effects even when used for extended periods. Often these include pain and muscle twitching caused from constant pulsing or skin irritation. For the latter, it should be noted that the pads from the machine should be replaced periodically and your skin should be clean before the pads are stuck.

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