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A wide range of drive medical mobility scooters is now available at Independent Living Specialists stores Australia wide including Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, and Perth. The Drive medical mobility scooters provide an easy and comfortable mobility drive with exceptional value.


The Scout portable mobility scooter, Scout Sport Quattro mobility scooter, and the all-new Viper mobility scooter are some of the popular drive medical mobility scooters.

Scout Portable Mobility Scooter

This mobility scooter is considered to be the first Drive mini mobility scooter and has many new features such as delta bars, top speed of 6.5kph, a removable battery pack in an easy to carry handle and locking mechanism, comfortable lightweight seat that swivels 360 degrees and covers a maximum range of 21kms on a full battery charge.

It is perfect for both indoor and smooth outdoor surfaces and countable on reliability comfort, performance, and style.

Scout Mobility Scooter

Scout Sport Quattro Mobility Scooter with all round suspension

This drive mobility scooter is designed for a greater relaxed ride with deluxe cushioned seating with shaped wide armrests. It is also provided with the next generation Drive splitting mechanism for transportation and easy storage. The swiveling seat is the scooter’s special feature to facilitate easy transmissions. It is also equipped with off the board and in-house charging, durable delta type handlebars for easy control and an electromagnetic braking system.

Scout Quattro_front

Viper Mobility Scooter

This brand new Viper mobility scooter from Drive medical is the newest addition to their sporty range of mobility scooters. Assembled after the success of their existing Cobra and King Cobra mobility scooters, the Viper provides a better performance with regard to comfort and reliability along with a perfect sporting design in a stronger platform.

During the manufacture of this special scooter, the user’s safety has been taken into great consideration. Likewise, an anti-roll structure has been installed to avoid difficulties in accessing hills. Further, a manual handbrake is available in the event of power stoppage and an all-around powerful lighting package with high-level indicators is also provided.


Although these mobility scooters are manufactured for people with disabilities who need to get about on a footpath, smooth surfaces or any other place they require to go, these specific scooters cannot be considered as a motor vehicle and are not allowed to be driven on an open road, unless when crossing the road or on a short distance where a footpath does not exist.

Traveling on public transport

Although mobility scooters are considered as a wheelchair and allowed on public transport, it is advisable to plan your travel to be sure of arriving at your final destination safely.

Always ensure to be visible to the driver to enable the driver to extend the ramp to get on board. Sometimes there are restrictions on the size of the mobility scooter and although most mobility scooters fit within the guidelines, additional accessories such as canopies might alter the size requirements.

Health and Social Benefit

Using a medical mobility scooter encourages a person to engage in more physical activities and gain their independence and feel secure about their wellbeing. It could also raise your self-esteem and also be able to socialize by going out and meeting your friends and relatives resulting in improving your health

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