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Convalescence is the gradual recovery of one’s health and strength over a period of time after an illness or medical treatment. During this period, it is important to provide proper care for the patient in terms of how he or she recovers as well as how mobile they are. With this regard, there are electric chairs which are often ideal choices for patient care for lifting them onto or off a chair or getting them around. For those who are unable to get from a seating position to that of a standing position without assistance you are offered lift chairs. Once standing the patient is able to walk on his or her own with or without a walking aid be it a walker or walking stick. For those who require mobility indoors and outdoors, the likes of a power chair or even a mobility scooter is advised. .

What is a Lift Chair?

A lift chair is called by many names – electric powered chair, recliner chair, adjustable aged care chair and so forth. They all offer the same solution – a means of mobilising someone into a seated position from an upright position and vice versa. However, some have three positions – the third being a reclining or sleeping position, which makes this an ideal choice of chair for convalescence. The freedom and convenience that a lift chair brings to a user or patient of any age is quite comforting. They are able to manoeuvre themselves from sleeping to sitting or to a standing position with the help of a few buttons on this electric powered lift chair. That is why lifts chairs are very popular choices in homes, especially recliner lift chairs.

Independent LIving Specialists Australia Lift Chairs

What is a Power Chair?

A power chair is essentially a motorised chair that offers both the young and the elderly freedom of movement both indoors and outdoors. They are essentially agile with the ability to manoeuvre through tight corners and spaces, and not to mention are easy to use and also comfortable. There are two distinct types of power chairs that are based on their intended environment for use; inside or outside. If you were to purchase or hire a power chair for the outdoors you should be made aware that they are sturdier, come with wider tires, and ground clearance for smooth and safe mobility.

Independent LIving Specialists Australia Power Chairs

Bariatric Lift Chairs and Power Chairs

Bariatric relates to the control or management of obesity and other illnesses relating to it. Often patients or users who weigh over 150 kilograms will find these bariatric lift chairs or power chairs more comfortable in order to accommodate extra weight and more space for a comfortable fit. The likes of a lift chair and power chairs can be customisable to offer bariatric patients the same care that any other patient would receive.

To find out more information about the types of electric powered chairs available through Independent Living Specialists contact one of our Occupational Therapists by dialling our hotline at 1300 008 267. We also offer 12 month free additional warranty for all lift chairs purchased online through our website at

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