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Electric chairs are a great help for the elderly who have trouble raising themselves from sitting position due to weak arm or leg muscles or facing the lack of stability in their lives. They provide comfort, convenience, and daily security. They also can fit in nicely along with your home decorations as they come in various designs and colours and you can pick the one best suited for your particular style. You may need to study some of the different brands available to pick one best suited for your needs.

Details to consider

The main details to consider when buying a lift chair is the positions they offer and the motor options they provide. There are three main types of lift chair according to the positions they offer. The 2-position or TV recline type of lift chair is for those who prefer to be seated upright when engaged in reading, watching television or when conversing with someone. The 3-position or full recline type of lift chairs offer the all three positions of standing, sitting and reclining. This is more convenient to shift your body to any position according to your needs and moods. The infinite position or sleep recline type of lift chairs are even more convenient to take naps or even extended sleep as they recline fully. The motor options are available in single motor and double motor. In the single motor, your footrest will be raised first before reclining the backrest and incoming upright the backrest will first come up followed by the footrest falling to its place. However a dual motor lift chair functions without such an order thus letting you control the footrest and backrest independently.


As mentioned above, style and design can be picked in accordance individual tastes. There can be gender component within these tastes that some brands have taken into consideration. The Pride D30 Lift Chair, for example, is an excellent choice for an affordable medium to large chaise lounger, with a timber and metal frame, that could be attracting for a senior gentleman’s taste. It includes great features including a solid frame made of steel and timber and a full foam padded seat with contoured backrest and comes with a ten-year solid frame construction warranty and a two-year warranty on all mechanisms and motor parts. The Floreat Recliner Lift Chair is a model designed with a beautiful floral design; much suited for a senior gentlewoman. This chair offers a sublime level of comfort and the dual motor mechanism allows you to independently adjust the angle of the footrest and backrest to find the position that is best for you.


Find the best collection of lift chairs

Independent Living Specialists offer many models of lift chairs suited all needs, in many brands. They also offer great prices, and reliable, friendly delivery service.


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