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A power chair is a motorized wheelchair useful to people who are unable to propel a manual wheelchair. It is also helpful to those with general disabilities and those inflicted with heart ailments or conditions related to fatigue.

Independent Living Specialists has a wide range of power chairs in all their stores Australia wide to suit any requirement.

Health Benefits

Power chairs that tilt are designed especially for pressure relief and positioning. It assists a user to facilitate feeding, respiratory functioning, reduce lower body pressure and improve visual adjustment by holding the head in position.

The Travel Lite electric folding power wheelchair, the Drive Medical Titan power chair, the Quickie Q100, and Jazzy Elite HD and the Pride R-40 Fusion rear-wheel drive power chair are some of the power chairs that could be tilted.

Beginners Guide To Finding Power Chairs That Tilt 2The Travel Lite Electric Folding Power Wheelchair

This power chair is from the Royale brand and it is a lightweight, easily foldable mobility solution guaranteeing a comfortable drive. The best features include tilt recline with multiple adjust settings, self-adjustable armrest, height and angle along with solid puncture-proof tyres. It is manufactured to carry a weight up to 150kg with a longer travel mileage up to 28km. Also equipped with a highly efficient latest market technology brushless motors and joystick controller with 50% battery saving power. The phosphate lithium batteries created out of pollution-free material with a life span of more than 1000 plus charges is another noteworthy feature.

Beginners Guide To Finding Power Chairs That Tilt 3

The Drive Medical Titan Power Chair

This product is ideal for those seeking a power mobility device for transportation indoors and outdoors. The front-wheel system places the drive wheel forward of the user’s center of gravity devising the equipment to be very stable and comfortable along with great performance over small obstacles. Also, the highlights of this excellent device are the height-adjustable, reclining, swivel seat and height-adjustable, removable headrest to suit user’s comfort and preference. A free headrest is offered as a bonus on every purchase.

Beginners Guide To Finding Power Chairs That Tilt 4Quickie Q100 Power Chair

This power chair features a smart base technology to assist the user to understand how geometry changes to a drive base can upgrade its performance, making it an accurately measured indoor/outdoor power chair.

It can be easily hoisted out of a vehicle due to its lightweight and its compact dimensions provide a highly acceptable grip and stability over any type of terrain.

The seating has been manufactured with a lot of settings and a 5 strap tension adjustable back to meet postural requirements.

Beginners Guide To Finding Power Chairs That Tilt 5Jazzy Elite HD

This Pride brand power chair includes two motors for front-wheel-drive technology and heavy-duty construction. Its outdoor performance is improved with the 14” drive wheel, coupled with a front-wheel-drive feature, providing secure turns for excellent indoor guiding in small spaces. The large front wheels give additional support for driving on higher elevation along with front anti-tip wheels for driving on other terrains easily. The maximum weight capacity of 204kg is tackled by the front-wheel-drive design with excellent movability.

Beginners Guide To Finding Power Chairs That Tilt 6The Pride-R-40 Fusion Rear-Wheel Drive Powerchair

This device is a new and compact design that delivers combative, terrain gripping force with a top speed of up to 10km per hour.

With its capability of carrying up to 136kg, its unique seating system design is combined with the base inclusive of a highly efficient motor package and exceptional mobility in tight spaces.

Beginners Guide To Finding Power Chairs That Tilt 7

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