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The mobility scooter is a hit among walking aids for the comfort and service it provides for the people who are affected by any form of mobility disability. Mobility scooters are battery powered and can travel for kilometers of distances in relative ease and comfort. Some mobility scooter brands are specially designed for the rough conditions of the outside and some more suitable for the indoors. However, the scout style mobility scooter is suitable for both the outdoors and the indoors giving it a slight edge over the others.

Style and Comfort

The scout style scooter has many new features including delta bars, first, drive mini mobility scooter and the drive medical splitting mechanism. It also offers ultimate comfort with spacious, comfortable seating that swivels 360 degrees and stable four-wheel drive. Because of the ability to swivel the seat you can get on and get off the mobility scooter much easier without getting yourself hit by the safety handles and the delta bars. So the scout style mobility scooter offers both style and comfort.


Battery Mileage

The scout style mobility scooter offers a maximum of sixteen kilometers or six miles on a full battery; which is more than enough for one to cruise one’s neighborhood, go to the nearby market or to the nearby park. The battery is removable with an easy to carry handle and a locking system. For an emergency, power shortage can be easily taken care of because of this system. It can also run up to a top speed of 6.5 kilometers per hour. So you can feel active as anyone with a scout style scooter in motion.

Easily Disassembled and Reassembled

Scout style mobility scooters can also be easily disassembled and reassembled so it is easy to travel with it in tow. You can carry it in vehicles, air planes, and even cruise ships; on your way to see the world. It also comes with a handy basket that can be used to carry one’s things around.


The Scout Style Plus Mobility Scooter

The Scout Style Plus Mobility Scooter is featured as the best seller just for the excellence service that scout style mobility scooters offer to their users. It is the newest introduction in terms of mobility scooters to the Independent Living Specialists and is branded the most powerful with the best overall suspension. It also features an electromagnetic braking system so you can ensure your and others’ safety while driving at the maximum speed incase anything suddenly obstructs your path.


How to Buy

Last and most importantly you can purchase a scout style mobility scooter by ordering one on through the Independent Living Specialists online store. They offer best customer service and free delivery for scout style scooters within Australia. You’re also in luck for a great bargain if you purchase right now, saving up to 570 dollars so hurry up!

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