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The Independent Living Specialists provides a service to the aged and home care equipment industry. They provide an excellent after sales support and customer service is very commendable. Their products are factory assembled by the best-skilled workers. They constantly produce some of the best and new products for their customers. Latest updates of their products could be viewed at the Independent Living Specialists’ website.

Specifications and Aged Care

The Mayfair Electric Recliner Lift Chair is one of the most popular products of The Independent Living Specialists’. This product is an advantage to the aged to simplify their lives. It gives a certain amount of contentment and satisfaction among the elderly. The powered lifting mechanism pushes the chair up from the base to a standing position, enabling the elderly to stand up easily from a seating position. The comfort it provides will make them happy and relaxed the whole day. The recliner could also be operated to a completely flat position for resting or sleeping.

The Mayfair Electric Recliner Lift Chair is a fast moving product and available to match your home décor or settings.

It can be operated to recline too. The user can find a good seating position with a touch of a button due to its power recline feature. The back rest could be tilted back and footrest could be extended either by a lever or automatically extended when the back is reclined. You can also make yourself comfortable in various positions for reading, watching television etc. This also helps when you have to be seated for a long period of time as you are able to change your seating position to avoid being uncomfortable or numb. Those with problems related to legs can lift their legs while seated. The leg rest can support the length of your legs.

This chair is specially designed featuring an easy 3 section Waterfall backrest which provides maximum comfort and also strong support upper, middle and lower back. None use of Sag springs and best standard foams gives good postural support.

The operation is smooth and discreet due to German branded actuators and American branded mechanisms resulting in quiet motors. The backup power supply is also available in case of a power loss in your home which will assist in the normal function of the chair.



Most of the aged population find it hard and painful to sit down and stand up, so most of them sit in the same chair the whole day until someone comes around to assist. Investing in an electric recliner lift chair is worthwhile as it will help to overcome these issues and help immensely to lead an independent life.? It also helps those suffering from arthritis, asthma back pain, and blood circulation problems. Shoulder pain by operating manual recliners can also be eliminated. Fluid retention can also be reduced by elevating legs.

As per a research conducted and revealed, the function of posture support by these chairs helps maintain muscular tone due to reduced deterioration and weakness of the lower skeletal joint.

Online customers in Australia are provided free doorstep delivery.


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