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Along with the ageing process sitting down or getting out of a chair might pose a problem and once a person experiences trouble or needs assistance to sit or stand up from a chair, a lift chair is the best solution to overcome this issue.

Independent Living Specialists has Lift chairs in all its showrooms across Sydney, Melbourne , Brisbane and Adelaide. It can be tailor-made to suit anyone’s requirement. It is available on hire, rent ( Within Sydney only) or outright purchase facilities and can be covered in any fabric to suit the room décor.

A lift chair is operated with a motor that lifts the chair up and forwards for easy sitting and standing positions.

Configura Bariatric Lift Chair
When do we need a lift chair?

It is ideal for those who find it difficult to get in and out a chair due to arthritis, general limited mobility or old age.

What are the types of lift chairs and capabilities?

A 2 position chair reclines backwards to a stretched out position similar to a standard reclining chair.

A 3 position chair also reclines backwards and it could be stopped at any position and reclined further than a standard recliner.

An infinite position lift chair can be reclined to a position parallel to the floor.

ETON lift chair

Meaning of a chaise lounge or a chaise recliner

A chaise lounge or chaise recliner is a lift chair that has a seat pad that extends to the bottom of the chair to the footrest to provide comfort and support to the legs when reclined.

Importance of picking a fabric

It is important to consider the type of fabric as the user will be spending most the time in this chair and the best option is to choose a microfiber fabric.

Pride LC107 Recliner Lift ChairDoes a lift chair need more space than a normal recliner?

Considering the availability of lift chairs in various designs and sizes, finding a lift chair to fit into any tight space is an easy task.

Does lift chairs have additional features?

Most lift chairs come with additional features such as cup holders, heating and massaging.

Is it under Warranty?

Most lift chairs have a 3-year warranty on the lifting motor and frame and a 2-year warranty on the metal mechanism as per the selected brands.

Is it the dual motor?

Only some lift chairs are fitted with a dual motor.

ETON Lift Chair

Type of fabric and time the chair will be delivered

Available in certain fabric according to customer’s choice and express delivery to the door for online customers Australia wide.

Does Stella lift chairs recline and lift?

This lift chair is an electrically operated chair with dual motors and tilts user to the feet when it rises.

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